Subaru Imprezza STI?????

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Not sure.
But if this is real, it is even way uglier than the WRX!
This car would just be plain horrible looking.

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  1. its a fake. Discussed over at IWSTI. This is an artist rendering/photochop from the spy shots of it. You can tell especially because of the front end bottom bumper, as well as the rear windows are still covered in the spyshot covering (instead of being glass). And yes it looks butt ugly. I am sorry I ever sold my 05 STi…

  2. BLACKLASER…This car with a little bit of dust, maybe looks more old than my mother’s car, a vw super beetle from 70’s. EVO X … YOU ARE THE KING OF THE ROAD.

  3. BLACKLASER….OOOoohh grand EVOoo… OOOoohh grand EVOooooo, no mercy with the sti… Kill ‘Em All.

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