Subaru Outback Sport

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Looks like it’s already out, somewhere.

But really, why even bother..

That silver lower paint job looks horrible.

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  1. Ya that really does look bad. Its like they don’t even care what the car looks like, its a pretty weak, outdated design (inside and out), and even the paint is terrible. Bad job Subaru.

  2. I like the WRX, but perhaps the outback should not be offered in this color combination.

    Vince check your spelling….it sucks.

  3. Where does Subaru get its designers? A freaking mental ward no doubt. Who signed off on this 2-tone car? A blind moron?

  4. It ain’t no Mazda3, that’s for sure. The profile isn’t terrible, but it is as dated as the old Focus hatchback. The front end is more boring than a ’98 Camry. The two-toned paint is ridiculous.

    However, I’d drive this car if someone gave me one. Subies are good cars.

  5. I think it is an OK looking car, however, the two tone lower effects are played Sub. Yes they worked great back in the early 90’s when you first brought out Outbacks but it is over man move on.

    Nice care but will not stop my serial Mazda 3 Hatchback buying.

  6. That paint scheme is god awful.

    This car is a much needed improvement over the outgoing model. The interior in the old Impreza was terrible.


  7. I should be able to force a discount out of the dealer to offset the finishing of the paint job that will be needed before I take it off the lot.

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