Toyota Plug-in Hybrid

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Toyota has announced the start of their road tests for a plug in hybrid car.
The prototypes are based on the current Prius.
No word when such a system will be ready for sale.
It seems too late for the next generation Prius, due out in a bout a year.

Unless they’re not telling us the whole story….

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  1. Because the power plant is far more efficient, clean, and cost effective at burning that a car could ever be.

  2. That would be funny if they manage to beat GM to market with their plug-in. That would just go to say that you get a lot more done doing rather than just saying.

  3. Its all hype. Everybody is testing something all the time. This is just their answer to the Volt announcement. This thing has a whopping 18 mile range on electric only. I bet GM is the first.

  4. The electric utilities are already determining the future profits they are going to make off this automotive development. They are also antipating that the state governments will charge an additional tax for this new vehicle fuel delivery system. If the public thinks that they will be able to hook their cars up to to the “grid” at home and not get both an increase in their rates and another layer of usage taxes to go with it, wake up from the dream you are in.

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