US Corolla?

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It just might be.

It does look similar to the model sold in Asia and some European countries. But this is a new pic, and these Euro/Asian Corolla sedans are already out… So…

Why not?

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  1. BORING!!! Do they still make this misfit model, better yet, does anybody really care? Still reminds people of the Geo Prizm, not the real Corolla from the 80’s!

  2. for once, I actually wouldn’t mind buying the Japanese Corolla. Just import them here, don’t bother building them here, and even worse, designing a US version here.

    Sorry, but Toyota quality has gone down too much for my taste – I’m talking about new Avalon, Solara, Camry, etc – designed and built in the good old US of A.

    I might even re-visit Honda dealers if I’m forced to buy a Lexus (Toyota made in Japan), I heard Honda quality is getting better after Honda US & Canada got spanked big time by Honda Japan for the incident a few years ago with 3.5l Tranny.

  3. Well, i thought that toyota was, at first, did not launch this as an 08 because of the new civic design, and they thought the other wouldbe too dull for the USA?
    Well, this is nothing thrilling.
    Any car in this catagory looks better…except make the Spectra( Might not be “pretty”, but at least it’s not dull).

    there’s a rumor of a 3 door coming, also… Hope they “sport it up” some.

    this won’t makeme drop the tC anytime soon, depsite being larger, and better MPG.

  4. Looks like the current model with longer headlights… I thought they delayed introduction for a year to “liven up” the design in light of the new Civic… I’m underwhelmed.

  5. the version Vince posted awhile back, that looked like a larger Yaris,I’d rather have that than this snooze festival.
    Even the Elantra looks “unique”, now….vs this.
    The new SX4 sedan looks cool, vs this(despite that fact it may only get 31-32MPG vs 38-40 for this car).
    At least cost will be 14-16K(give or take) vs what,16-23K for the Corolla?
    Awfully dull.
    I fell asleep writing this, while look @ this thing.
    This has got to be the most sedate car I have seen-spy pix- this year.
    What they trying to do, give Hyundai/Kia, Mazda, Mitsu and Suzuki(even) more business by designing this Y-A-W-N of a car?
    They all have better looking cars than this, and they have Old Designs vs this new one(minus the Lancer and upcoming SX4 sporty sedan).

  6. I find it unusual that Toyota isn’t a bit more daring with the design given the success of the new Civic. I can tell you that the Civic will dominate this vehicle in terms of driving dynamics and overall character. Toyotas are the automotive equivalent to bread and butter, very plain and boring.


  7. ^^^I don’t know what ur talking about, the civic looks pretty boring to me. The only thing radical about it is the instrument gauges.

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