VW Jetta Wagon

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The US version of the new Golf Wagon.

It actually doens’t look so bad on these photos.
It is amazing what good looking wheels can do to a csr.
Plus, you’ll have to admit, the 2 georgeous Ford LTDs in the background help a lot!

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  1. Wagons will always rule! I think it’s an absolute riot that Ford has introduced the 2009 Flex which is nothing more than what those old Country Squires were…a big, long station wagon! And the automotive press is going wild like it’s some new invention! Everything old is most definitely new again!

  2. The same thing happened when Chrysler brought out the minivan in the 80’s – it had already been done in the 60’s with the Corvair and the Falcon.

  3. Too bad any Jetta with the right options that anyone wants to buy will be in the upper $20k range. Who wants the I5 2.5L engine and options on the lesser models?

  4. Unfortunately for VW, that pic only makes me want to take a serious look at the Flex (hopefully they’ll reconsider on the name) when it comes out, and really draws attention to the fact that the Jetta is pretty void of style by comparison. Vintage is in and old is new again! 🙂

  5. I think the Flex looks great.
    And, at least from the pictures, the interior seems to be of much better quality than the Edge.
    I hope it turns out to be a hit for Ford.
    They’ll have a revised Mustang that same year too.

  6. The Ford Flex looks like a much larger Mini that has been stretched. I don’t see anything Vintage about the Flex. I see Ford looking for more design ideas and coming up with a German manufacturer to loosly copy (500/Tuarus looks like more boring older model Passat).

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