VW Tiguan Video

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  1. Personally, I think that’s one SHARP little vehicle. I like it almost as much as my ’07 Tucson 😉
    I think it will sell quite well in the States hampered only perhaps by what has become a well-known quality issue with VW.

  2. vw sales are up 15% last month and quality had really improved, the problems the new ones are having are very minor to none, this thing will do very well in sales, especially the 2.0TDI clean diesel and then watch as all the japanease follow and start using clean diesels like honda for example..The germans will always be the pioneers of the greatest technology as they always were in history! It does’nt matter what you say just read your history..Im tired of ppl bashing german cars in here if it was’nt for them you’d be riding on a horse carriage right now

  3. I want to see VW improve. I want to replace my 98 Prelude with a GTI, but all the owner nightmares on vwvortex.com and other places have got me concerned…but this Tig is indeed a nice piece.

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