2008 Accord coupe with ugly aftermarket crap on it.

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The skirts, the spoiler etc… Anything to make a decent car looking car ugly.
Not sure what they are testing here. Maybe it’s just a photo shoot of what dealers will offer as ways to ruin your car.

I still like the new coupe.

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  1. This is Honda cutting to the chase. What a 2008 Accord Coupe is going to look like in 2018 after the original 45 year old dentist has sold it to a peroxide-blonde divorcee who’s passed it on to her son who sold it to a friend of his dealer.
    They forgot the aircraft-style filler cap though and the wheels are too small (being that they still fit under the arches).

  2. Just more crap to sell to the tuner thugs with no taste. Good for Honda. I’d take their stupid ass money, too.

  3. None of the items look right for the car! It doesn’t help that whatever shade of Blue this car is painted makes the car look fugly (like a Honda version of the ugly Monza).

    I hope the Accord has Galaxy Gray Metallic as a color choice because a good paint job and tinted windows goes a long way in making a coupe look nice.

    If the aftermarket parts look this ugly on the coupe….I’d hate to see what they look like on the sedan. (SMH)

    Maybe they should let Mugen have a go at the Accord coupe….

  4. I knew the Japanese liked to copy American designs in the early 70’s and 80’s but this is ridiculous! The coupe looks like the Grand Am and the sedan looks like a Saturn Aura or whatever it’s called.

  5. Money talks and B.S. walks, sales say alot more about the vehicles looks than the comments of a few broke ass honda haters.

  6. As opposed to the starry-eyed observations of a few
    Kool-Aid® drinking Honda lovers? Sure the new Accord will probably do well in sales, but between Honda’s spotty relaibility of late and a lot of well-built, relaiable and far more stylish competitors, how well has yet to be seen.

  7. There is a very similar body kit for the current Accord coupe. I believe that it is direct from Honda, becuase I have seen the same body kit on a few of them.
    I like this style for the coupe, but not body kit.

  8. Forgive me for the lack of maturity… but I like it a lot in this photo. Granted, the front lip comes up unnecessarily high and with too clear an edge line, but the side and rear skirts, and the spoiler, fit the car’s lines well.

  9. Pontiac was way ahead of its time. Pontac had the ugly Aztek, Honda comes out with the ugly Element. They sold the Grand Am in 1998, Honda comes out with this in 2008. Who would’ve thought!?!?

  10. Yes, I agree that all this stuff makes the car look like trash. On the other hand, for what it is, this new Accord coupe looks really nice. Not that it’s a surprise, all Accord coupes have been good looking (again, considering what they are). As far as the competiton, the new Altima coupe, Tiburon, Pontiac G-whatever, Sebring, etc., this car is top notch! (Without the plastic-rice-rocket-add-ons of course!)

  11. Why can’t Toyota and Honda to proper “sport” versions of their cars?

    They seem to think that dealer-installed glue-on skirts and spoilers are okay, but they just look like… well, plastic parts that have been glued on, rather than specially-designed bumper covers that integrate better with the overall design of the car.

  12. Those are actually the honda factory skirts. The doesn’t look good in blue it looks good in Charcoal Grey.

  13. I have a 2008 Accord Coupe myself and saw one like that with the body kit on it at the dealership. The body kit looks awesome. Not too much, but still sporty. Maybe you should see it at a different angle.

  14. Comment above is correct. The car in the picture has to be the worst color possible – which is why it looks like a Pontiac. I bought my 08 V6 coupe in silver with the Aero kit and not one person has downed it. The kit looks amazing…I didnt get the gay azz spoiler – I got the smaller “lip” on the trunk which looks a ton better. The new 08 coupe with the Aero kit looks WAY BETTER than a G35 or anything in its class. That is actually the comment of two strangers at a grocery store.

    BOTTOM LINE: You cant use a amateur produced photograph of a blue Accord to make any conclusions. Get a professional shot of a better color Accord at a better angle and every negative comment on this blog can be erased.

  15. The above coupe appears to don the optional ‘side body molding’ to protect from door dings, which incidentally gives it the Pontiac appearance. The factory spoiler kit is attractive and clean, but leaves somewhat to be desired for the front bumper. Overall, gives the Accord a more aggressive look which only adds to its already pimp styling. Looks great on mine!!!

  16. Honestly? I think they just want to put something shocking out there. And what better way to shock people than to come out with something that is so horrible, that people will buy it for the novelty.

    Smart of them, using the element of shock and surprise.

    -Mark, http://www.aftermarketsales.com

  17. i think that all of you people talking trash about Honda are jealous of this car. you people are probably driving around in some piece of crap junker (like a grand am). Honda and Toyota are building the best cars out their so get over it.

  18. I know this post is old but ummm that’s the OEM HFP lip kit. HFP = Honda Factory Performance… made by Honda.

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