2008 Accord coupe

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That’s the picure I meant to post earlier.
I guess I was drunk, or distracted when I did it.
Or just plain jetlagged.
I am doing this from Europe right now….

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  1. C & D was not overly impressed with the new accord. They heavily trashed the exterior styling and went after the interior with a vengence. Much as I feel about it as well, shocking. It really surprised me as they are usually so into honda its silly. PS my good friend is a honda engineer, he hates the syling as well.

  2. Reminds me of a Subaru Tribeca top half slapped onto a boxy center console from a 1980s Ford. At least it’s somewhat easier on the eyes than the bland exterior.

  3. I never thought I’d be saying this, but the new Malibu looks better in all respects than this Accord. The Accord interior makes my head hurt just looking at it, and the exterior is simply bizarre. Based on looks alone, the choice between the two cars would be simple for me.

    Just like Honda radically redid the current Accord’s droopy butt, I predict a similar change down the road for this one, too.

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