2008 Accord interior

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Some guy driving the 2008 Accord at a dealer meating. Or press….

Whatever it is, I wasn’t there….

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  1. Carl or what ever your name is, your comment is pointless, I understand you may not like the buttons, but for you to say that it is pointless and you have not even seen, read or tried the darn thing yet. Damn! you sound like a fool.

    Hey! Vince, are you sure Honda and BMW are two different company? LOL!!

  2. the center stack sure looks complicated and the screen is too small. Hopefully, it’s a touch button unit.

  3. To the comment above:

    Sorry it’s not a touch button unit, it’s operated from the buttons in the centre stack. Also unfortunately it doesn’t have real life traffic and other stuff.

  4. Well, the new MDX’s dash, at first, appears daunting to say the least, but once you get used to it, it’s quite usable, if albiet not the most ergonomic dash. I definitely prefer the old accord’s dash in terms of simplicity, but this one does look quite a bit more upscale.

  5. I miss the days when Honda was all about simplicity.

    They can keep this P.O.S. Hell, it ain’t even attractive.

  6. My 2003 Honda CRV is the absolute picture of simplicity as far as interiors. No button is useless, from stereo controls to A/C controls. It’s all right where it should be, and highly functional.

    This Accord monstrosity looks like a huge distraction from driving, and about as overcomplicated and unnecessary as the dash controls of the MDX I recently test drove.

    Complicated does not equal luxury. (in my mind, at least)

    ps. that screen is too far away to be a touch screen, just like the MDX is no longer touch screen.

  7. yikes, is that wayyyyyyy toooo busy or what? And it looks like it could hurt you if you fell on it

  8. I think just the mere picture of the Accord interior looks more upscale and of higher quality than the Camry interior.

    Say what you want about Honda, but atleast they aren’t forgetting about quality interiors as the years go by.

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