2008 Chevrolet Aveo

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The hatchback is finally redesigned to match the new sedan introduced last year.
Unlike the sedan, it looks like only the front end has been redesigned. The sides are the same.
Plus it gets the all new interior, similar to the sedan.

I really liked the car when I test drove it last year. I remember it to be roomy, quiet and very comfortable.
The new front and interior make it an even better choice for a small car.

I just hope they did something about the pretty bad crash test results they got in Europe.
Maybe that new front hides a stronger structure as well….

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  1. All passenger cars sold in the States have to meet “Pedestrian-Impact” safety standards. This translates to more crush-zone space between the hood and engine components so that a human body smashed onto the hood in an accident has more chance of surviving. This has dictated higher hoodlines across the board and stylists have once again learned how to deal with taller front-ends, much like years ago when tall radiators were required for cooling with large belt-driven fans. Combined with engineering to push the wheels to the edge of the frame we have a new era of blunt-nose cars with short overhangs. Some have pulled it off very well and given the stylists a chance to bring back the big grilles with a vengenace…as on the Chrylser 300 and Mercedes models. Other makers are scrambling to make their grilles distinctive without copying others. On larger cars like Camry and Accord it can be attractive but on smaller cars like this Aveo it looks rather shocking…but we’ll all get used to it in time.

  2. so it has a new a very agressive new front end…since it’s a small car, it needs do whatever it takes to scare away the many big and monstrous SUVs out there!

  3. the grille reminds me of say an Audi:Big…that’s it.
    It looks ok, but as our previous experiences with “cheap” Chevies( built by other companies, like our 1987 Spectrum= Isuzu I-Mark= Junk), No.
    Isn’t this just a tweaked(still?) Daewoo Lanos?
    Not all new, or so upgraded and tweaked… it could be a threat to Accent or Rio?

    Any car can be nice the first 12,000 miles/1 year….itt’s afterwards, 40-50-60K miles, 4-5 yeears…that’s the worry, even with GM’s 5/100K warranty.

  4. This is a bolder look for the Aveo in place of the previous tepid design. I understand this is still a big seller for Chevy. A fresh face might help keep it that way.

  5. Its not just the front that needs better crash protection – I tested out one of these and was shocked at how thin the doors were.

  6. BLACKLSER…It looks like a chinese product. but not in the bad way. the small car now have soul. and I wnat to remember vince, I love your website. “you are the one” on this kind of business.

  7. from what I read about 2 months ago, in the small car sales dept, it was yaris first, then Versa, then the Aveo.
    So..how many Employee and Family members get the Employee discount, then buy this thing, or how many are fleet rentals?
    I would honestly, for once, like to find out how many people outside of the company(who get a big discount) and fleet rentals, actually buy all of these cars?
    I heard a lot of Chrysler= fleet rentals….40-50% on most models.

    I have not seen many of these on the roads, to be honest.Any year, or style.

  8. That front end is just hideous. This car was originally designed by Giugiaro and you could tell because when it came out it was by far the best looking car in the Korean Daewoo-Chevy line-up. Now they are ruining it.

  9. The 2008 Chevy Aveo U.S. sales catalog is already in showrooms, and there is no sign of any updates to the hatchback. Hopefully this is just one horrid PhotoChop!

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