2008 Chevrolet HHR

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The red car is the new panel version, already out in the streets. And quite cool looking.

But what is this “new for 2008” covered rear window verion about?
Never see that one before.
And what is the advantage of a giant blind spot? Unless you carry secret FBI files on a regular basis, or sell hot plasma TVs out of your truck. I don’t really see the point.

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  1. I would think the covered panel would be to slap on your company’s signage for example “Vince’s Sizzlin’ Hot Speakers”.

  2. The real value of the HHR and PT cruiser is that they are classified as light trucks under the CAFE system. They allow GM and Chrysler to sell larger trucks with (higher) profit margins without being penalized for high fleet average milage.

    Both models will exist long past their due without redesign only for that reason. CAFE is part of the problem with US car sales, not a solution.

  3. Customizers wanted, and got, the panel van. Looks to me that the same can be said for the rear quarter window.

  4. The panel van in production screams Lutz’s “I told you so” response back to Chrysler than never put a panel van version of the PT Cruiser into production.

  5. I see this as perfect for commercial use. Way better looking than the gray plastic fantastic Honda breadbox, and more appropriate for situations where a full size van is too big. But, like the Cobalt, the HHR is far too unsophisticated and conspicuously low-rent to ever compete against better cars like the Mazda 3 or Civic or GTI.

    The marketing for this vehicle as been awful and unoriginal… just uncool, regurgitated nostalgic garbage with old rock-n-roll in the background. To the age group considering this type of car/truck, Chevy would do better by showing us fun and interesting ways to use the HHR. Much like Honda did with the Element. People just don’t know what to make of this oddball truck.

  6. I saw that pic with the covered rear quarter windows too, and thought it was odd considering there is already a panel van with the door and rear quarter windows covered! Perhaps it’s a reaction to the new Scion xB and xD, which have big blind spots with pockets for the tuner kids to install huge speakers in!

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