2008 Honda Accord coupe

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More pictures.
Looks like it was caught in a regular shopping mall parking lot.
I guess it’s coming out real soon.

I like the coupe a lot. I think it looks good and very classy. Kind of Audi like.
The sedan looks more awkward, at least on pictures we’ve seen before….

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  1. I agree it looks nice. And several years ago I read Honda switched from benchmarking BMW to Audi for styling.

    I guess benchmarking is code for copying.

    The only thing I can’t get past is the weird grill.

  2. It does look nice…..not sure where the bmw or audi benchmarking has ever come out in any of their lineup tho. hondas have consistently been the most vanilla non descrip styled cars on the road. this thing looks like a blown up Scion tc with all the squared off slab contouring. looks good tho. the tc is a nice looking car, just small. toyotas gonna be pissed. LOL

  3. Fine looking car. The grill looks less upright than the earlier shots and is an improvement. Wish Honda would have spent more time on the sedan’s styling.

    One thing I hate about coupes these days is their rear seat windows do no open. I rode in the back of my sister’s Accord coupe on a warm spring day. What a claustrophobic torture chamber.

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