2008 Honda Odyssey

Last Updated:

Just the usual mid life refresh.
With a new front and rear, wheels, bluetooth, rear view camera n the rear view mirror.

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  1. All Hondas, including the new acorn or whatever they call it are the ugliest, sickening group of cars since the AMC lineup of the 1970’s……YUK!

  2. Hey, is it me or did this sucker age real fast. It looked pretty good at first, but it’s incredibly boring and if anything, fat, ponderous and hideous

  3. do you have a pic of the rear, that was the part that needed changes the most, with those huge back lights. I really prefer the 99-04 one, that had a perfect exterior design.

  4. Is it true that it has a new engine and a slightly new interiorS(new head rest protection only?)?

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