2008 Infiniti M

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Just a few changes. Mostly a little bit more chrome.
Which I think is OK in a car of that price.
And they finally changed the rear lights. They are smaller and much more tastefull than before.

I drove one a few months ago and was impressed. It drives great, the Nissan/Infiniti engines are always pretty amazing.
I thought the interior was outstanding as far as look and quality. The car felt solid like a tank.
I like the G35, but this is much better. And a lot roomier in the back.

A really good car gets even better…

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  1. Real nice. I like the front airdam a lot better. The tail lights look better too. Does anyone know if Nissan is coming out with a 6spd auto or dsg or something?


  2. hey Vince, which one did u drive? M35 or M45?

    How would you compare the M45 to the MB CLS500?

    Budget wise, the M45 wins (spare change to get bigger wheels, etc) – and I’m pretty sure it’ll be more reliable etc, but the sexy look of the CLS is calling me day & night

  3. I actually drove the V8.
    I would never compare this car to the CLS.

    This is more like a regular E class. But quite a bit cheaper, and much more reliable.

    The CLS is something very special.
    Something people lust after. More unique. The Infiniti isn’t that at all.

  4. everytime i see one of these i think it looks laughable other than the big front, and rear end, overkill chrome details, this car is super bland. the interior looks nice and feels cheap, the matte wood(not like in a cls), the low grade leather, and hard plastics all over it doesnt look like an e class, 5 series, competior it looks more like a chrysler 300, lucerne, maxima competitor, and now they have added even more chrome this car is really pushing the chrome detailing thing, i guess any car can be a luxury car is you kill it with chrome…..that sounds like american luxury speak

  5. So let me get this straight…. the M35 is larger and heavier than the G35… but they detune the engine in the M35 to make about 30 less HP than it does in the smaller and lighter G35… and charge $10K more for it. Wow! Where do I sign up for that one??? lol!

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