20088 Saab 9-7 Aero

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Just when you thought the Chevy truck based 9-7 was dead, they bring out this new sporty version.

It gets a 390hp 6.0 Liter V8!

A very “un-Saab” move. They seems to usually squeeze the most power out of the smallest engines.
I was actually surprised by the interior GM did a really good job there. But no matter what they do, this is still a truck, and not a Saab…

2008 should be the last year anyway.

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  1. They are just trying to bring more money in to the company, but risking its reputation, perhaps temporally,

  2. I actually like this truck a lot. Great for a Chevy, great for a GMC or even a Pontiac. It just makes a lousy SAAB. It’s sooo not born from jets.

  3. Yes we all know 9-7x is directly based on the GMT360 body/platform.

    What folks don’t know;

    * 9-7x was consistently Saab’s second best selling US model.

    * Surprisingly, its also among the highest resale value SUVs in it’s segment, holding value better than comparable Lexus and Land Rover trucks.

    * 9-7x has expanded Saab’s demographic, it brings in many first time Saab buyers.
    It also has helped keep a few Saab owners from defecting to other SUV brands.

    * Automotive magazines often give favorable reviews to this heavy truck based Saab model, praising its handling, pricing and interior design.

    Despite it’s american heritage and some misconceptions about the decent work Saab did while adapting the GMT360 body/platform, 9-7x has done its job well.

  4. To the person above:

    Saying that the 9-7x is Saabs second best selling model isn’t a big deal at all. Saab sells something like 30,000 vehicles a year in the US. Who cares, really.

    Saab is struggling and the resale value of the 9-3 and 9-5 are EMBARASSINGLY low. Don’t believe me? Take a look on eBay or autotrader.com.


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