2009 Dodge Journey

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It’s kind of hard to really see what’s going on here. But it looks like another trip back to 1985.

There doesn’t seem to be anything original, or any reason to get this over any other similar cars, like the new Vue, or the Edge.
Plus the interior seems like another cheap one from Chrysler.

Good luck with that one….

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  1. All I see is a Dodge Caravan (Short Wheelbase)….that got slapped with an even uglier stick, with the poor attempt to mesh everyone else’s design cues into a lump of……that.

  2. Although there is nothing wrong with this, I would agree with you, it really doesn’t take CUV anywhere new or interesting. If you are 11years late to the party you better bring a good gift!

  3. It is better than the Vue even thought both will be made in Mexico, this one seems a little more well balanced, but i am going to get a Rogue anyway.

  4. While I usually disagree with Vince on some of his views (esspecially with Ford), I am totally on his side with this one. While this design seems to flow better than most of the recent Dodge products, it still screams “CHEAP” and thus fits the typicaly Chrysler mode. What this vehicle is designed to do is fill a void in the Dodge line-up to prevent further customer losses to other brands. But this vehicle will not attract any new customers to Dodge. The Korean, Japanesse and domestic offerings in the segment look like they have absoutely noting to fear.

  5. Looks like the sales of Chrysler is just another sales of “MG Rover” instead of “Nissan merger”. It can have its “journey” back to the drawing board.

  6. Honestly, I really think that this car looks really nice. May not really look like a Dodge, but nice. A clean, timeless loók. This could be even popular in Europe…

  7. to me it looks like a stretched B-class mercedes, especially from the rear. bye bye chrysler. and good riddens.

  8. This is a clean and pleasant crossover but nothing else. Only the hottest selling asian brands can get away with the generic look.

    I hope the interior is made of much better materials than the current Chrysler group cars.
    Sadly, this is a long time Chrysler habit dating from the
    K platform days.

    I’ve owned 5 1980s/1990s luxury Chryslers and the “odd couple” a 1981 Honda & RR that belonged to my great aunt.

    The Chryslers all had great flashy styled exteriors and interiors, but some very cheap touches made them second class.

    The RR and homely little honda have best in class interiors for their day.

    20 years later Dodge Journey
    has a bland exterior and plainly styled interior with some cheap touches. Not a recipe for big success.

  9. I believe that is one of chrysler’s best interiors. It has Character and the exterior is very well thought out it almost has the Outlander’s stance! ID BUY IT! if chrysler’s had better reliabililty.

  10. Happy to see SUVs being replaced by more sensible “crossover” vehicles that don’t hog roads as much.

    But all of these things look alike and are boring as dishwater.

  11. Are these official, or chops? This seems like the dodge crossover thats been spied going around. But wow, i can’t believe they just copied the caliber front end so perfectly like that. You can’t have vehicles in your lineup that are just slightly bigger copies of other ones. Oooh, this will be a tough sell for them. Could have been so much cooler.

  12. I think it looks great. The interior looks very promising and I like all the features that its going to have. Why don’t you reserve your pessamistic opinions for after the unveiling. If this were a honda or toyota it would have received nothing but praise from you. Here is hoping it does very well and shows signs of great things to come from Dodge.

  13. I just compared it to the spy shots. That has to be official. I’m going to wait for some more pics because even in those spyshots, this looked like a pretty sporty and sexy car.

  14. This looks like an oversized Caliber. May look better in person. Compared to its competition, it is underpowered.

  15. it’s a pleasant enough design – inside and out- with good proportions. it looks very asian from the rear 3/4 view. almost like a cleaner kia sorento. i was expecting something bolder from dodge in their crossover entry. look at audi – they were late to the party but the Q7 is a really great looking automobile if not the most practical when compared with its competitors.

    this dodge looks like something coming out of a company down on its luck; that’s been intimidated into trying something new and fresh. dodges are supposed ot be bold and in-your-face (in going with the current ad campaigns). even if the nitro lookssquashed in, at least it has a distinctive design. were the 300 and charger just dumb luck?

  16. That interior pic looks like the designers were trying to channel the 87 Plymouth Sundance by its plopped on (afterthought) angular gauge pod and even the shape and angle of the center stack. I just checked out the dash of the Nissan Rogue, it’s awesome.

  17. While it might look nice in pictures I’m sure it will be plagued with cheap plastics like all Chrysler products.

    I’d still rather have a CR-V over all the competition, regardless of the smaller engine.

  18. This is what the 2009 Dodge Shadow station wagon/crossover looks like. From the front face right down to the interior.

    If you were one of the select few in the world really hoping that Chrysler would introduce a Dodge Shadown crossover – today is your lucky day.

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