2009 Huyndai Tiburon

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A good year for Hyundai.
Revised Sonata with an all new interior, and this all new RWD Tiburon.
I hear a convertible is already in the works….

Hey. Where is that Sonata Coupe I’ve been hearing about for years now????

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  1. Have owned Hyundai since 1999….Sonatas…. have an 04 right now.
    GLS, both models, V6.
    yeah, this is nice, if ya like rwd in 6-8 inches of snow.

    No word on a fwd tC fighter.
    tC sold more cars in 1 year than FWD tibby sold in what, 3-4 years?

    Yet, they want to attract the Scion crowd?
    Or is that Kia( I get mixed up… since Hyundai says one thing, then does another… Hyundai-luxury, Kia= sporty, affordable)?

    I have a rental Accent,until end of next week, due to fender bender, and it’s not bad, but it doe snot get 37 MPG w/automatic. it gets 31-33MPG, 70% hwy, 30% city.
    Not bad, better than a Cobalt to drive, or Focus.

    The Elantra is where Hyundai lost me this round….
    the old Elantras always had 8 way seat adjusters for drivers, but not anymore(6 way) for a car loaded up 17-18K.
    The Accent(their cheapest car) anbd all others above Elantra, have this 8 way seat adjuster…but not the Elantra; and why not?
    Seems it is slower( the 06 was 0-60 in 9.1 seconds, and the new one 10 seconds).
    1-2 MPG more, for slower times, and a car with fewer items in it that a Accent SE loaded up?
    And, yes, the rumor mill has been full with the Sonata Coupe by 2009….Accord and Altima are out… where’s Hyundai’s?

    Saem for kia…. where’s the Optima 5 door/Mondeo knock-off( the sedan for 08 looks like one, but not 5 doors).

    Hyundai LOST sales in July, Kia gained(record)…Hmmmmmm.

    I wonder why??( One guy told me people who have 03-04 , etc, older Hyundais, go back for a new one, and have sticker shock! Especially considering that I got my GLS lloaded, minus leather and abs, for 14,995 in Sept of 1994! Try getting one , GLS V6 for 15K now, lol…maybe when Chery gets here!)

    I dunno.
    Maybe I’ll just go for the cheap, Supposedly, Swift based(larger( SX4 sedan….
    I like Hyundai… but when the Accent SE is 17K… No.
    The tC is 17,800, and 50 more HP, same MPG..C’mon!

  2. I don’t think it was Hyundais intention for people to cross shop the tC and the Elantra. The quality and just overall fit and finish of the new Elantra is WORLDS ahead of the old one, same can be said for the newest Sonata. No offense, but the previous generation Sonata was JUNK. Also, where in the world do you live where the Elantra SE is 17k?!? At my local dealership the Limiteds with leather are going for ~16-17k


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