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Well, I was wrong. (Amazing considering it never, ever happens)

We won’t get the i30 Wagon over here after all. Instead we’ll get a car based on it, but with a new design.
From this illustration, it looks much better than the i30 Wagon.
But Hyundai is known for teasing us with really cool sketches, and coming out with production designs that look between “OK” and “fine”.
So don’t hold your breath for something amazing.

Here is the official PR stuff. Of course, from this it sounds like the second coming:

“Elantra Touring will reach dealers in the spring of 2008 as a 2009 model year vehicle. The “Touring” name captures this all-new model’s combination of high-function and fun-to-drive character. Elantra Touring will once again extend Elantra’s product line into the compact five-door segment. (The previous generation also featured a sporty five-door model). Elantra Touring will come with class-leading standard safety technologies, including Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Traction Control, ABS with Electronic Brake-force Distribution, and six standard airbags, including side curtain airbags and active front head restraints. The vehicle will be the first compact five-door with standard Electronic Stability Control.[1]

Elantra Touring will have the most interior volume (passenger volume plus cargo space) of any five-door in its class and will be powered by the same fuel-efficient 2.0-liter, in-line four-cylinder found in the Elantra sedan. This newest Hyundai will also feature unique sport suspension and steering tuned for greater response and handling, while offering Hyundai’s first USB port, along with a standard auxiliary jack and standard XM Satellite Radio®. Elantra Touring’s competition will include the Toyota Matrix, Dodge Caliber and Mazda3.”

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  1. lets see….
    The Rondo had sales alittle over 2,200 units in July… and alittle over 12,000 for 7 months…so avg is less than 2,000 units per month,, which is nothing really major in sales.
    So, why does Hyundai want to try their version here in the USA?
    Oh, to sell 4000 total, combined, a month?
    Not Impressed.
    This is not an exciting design…
    maybe a 3 door car, or a stylish 5 door… not this….this is not good looking, and same HP as the regualr Elantra?
    No thanks.
    Hope you’re doing well , Vince….and
    hope that I am not offending you with any of my replies recently!
    take care/not offense.

  2. PS… I saw a Matrix( Vince posted it last week,iirc..too lazy to go look right now)….
    the new one.. and it looks HOT… even I might consider one! This looks NOT(hot).

    If Toyota brings over that Matrix we saw posted recently…. thing things done for before it’s chances even began!
    Bring back the old “Saab”look, at least,for 5 doors.

  3. I am not offended by your comments .
    Everything is posted under Anonymous so I have no way of knowing who you are, or how many comments you post…

    I am doing well. Thanks.
    Going to Europe for a few days, so I hope to post some interesting pictures of local cars.
    Maybe some stuff we’re not used to see here in the US…

  4. “will be powered by the same fuel-efficient 2.0-liter, in-line four-cylinder found in the Elantra sedan”

    Everything sounded impressive until I read that dissapointing statement.

    Can’t they squeeze in the Sonata’s 2.4L…..at least for a “Touring GT” trim level or something? Because I’ve been waiting for a vehicle like this for awhile…and if it had the power to boot…as in having at LEAST 160hp/160tq, vesus the 138/132, it would be perfect for me!

    I’ve been comparing the different vehicles and the Elantra seems to have one of the weekest powertrains in it’s class, just ahead of the Toyota Matrix! The Mazda 3 and the Dodge Caliber (with it’s 3 engine choices) have base engines that are slightly more powerful.

    We’ll see how things go….

    As of now, I’m used to driving a 2000 Dodge Intrepid ES with the 3.2L V6 225/225….although it’s a big car, it’s got plenty of power (as I work my way through all of the Orlando traffic). Knowing that this Elantra will weigh a lot less, I’m not as worried with such a lack of engine stregnth….but still, I’d prefer at least 160/160…

  5. I think that the “Elantra Touring” Sketch is just a sketch of the i30 wagon, because if one really compares the two, they look almost identical, the i30 being the toned down version of the sketch.

  6. I had an 2002 Elantra GT (Hatch) for a while and it was a lot of fun to drive. The car had a great suspension. The car had fold flat seats, which made it where you could haul a lot more than you would expect. I would definitely consider this for next car.

  7. Also.. the Kia Rondo is a sorta a different class than the Elantra. The Elantra is very close to a mid-size car status, but not quite.

  8. I was actually surprised that Kia introduced the Rondo (Optima Wagon) over here in the U.S. because it will probably take some sales away from the short wheelbase Sedona…

  9. My girlfriend just bought the 2007 Elantra GLS and there is no better value for the price. This aside, the engine does have more power than people give credit for: 138 Hp with 136 torque and CVVT tech. I think we make about 650-700 km per tank, highway driving.

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