2009 Jaguar XF

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We’ll know and see verything in just a few days.
The first all new Jaguar design for the 21st Century.

Meanwhile, check over

  • HERE
  • for what we have so far…

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    1. Looking good. This is exactly the direction jaguar needs to take if the company is going to last. Yes the e type was sexy but redoing it in retro every single time is not good. Stop reinventing the past and start designing the cars that will be talked about for years to come.

    2. Strange, they look like they have great products coming, and ford decides to sell. Aren’t you suppose to sell at the top? buy at the bottom?

    3. What a sexy bit…I mean, beast! I can’t wait to see the whole thing. Jaguar is finally pulling themselves out of the retro doldrums.

    4. that looks pretty darn nice. hopefully, the jaguar reliability doesn’t become a big issue… especially with the electrical systems.

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