2009 Pontiac Vibe

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Just when you thought the Vibe was dead…
GM and Toyota are at it again.
And it looks like a very nice update. Nothing about the next US Matrix yet, but it should have similar proportions, and maybe the exact same interior. Like the current models.
I would also think they would at least bump the engine up to 2.4 Liter.

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  • And thanks to Ryan for the tip!

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    1. Looks like a Pontiac that made entirely of Toyota parts?! This will be an expensive fix after a possible Toyota pullout from NUMMI.

    2. The new Matrix has the same dash, but the outside of the Toyota looks better from what I’ve seen.

    3. The interior, although probably made from good materials, is really goofy looking, in a typical goofy Toyota, CHEESEY Scion way. Sorry, except for the Tc, I HATE Scions. The exterior looks promising though.


    4. Hey Vince I think that the current cars have different interior treatments. This however looks very toyota, and I not relly feeling it.

    5. The gas cluster looks kind of odd compared to the other indicator housings. It is an improvement, but still kind of cheap to me. Come on Blade!!!!

    6. This is a nice refresh before a complete overhaul. More is needed to keep it fully up to date, but this is still a good little wagon for normal peoples’ daily needs. Economical, roomy, reliable, practical, affordable, and comfortable…a winning combination in any market.

    7. Various comments:
      Sorry, except for the Tc, I HATE Scions. The exterior looks promising though.


      5:55 PM

      Thanks… we like our 05 tC, Alot…almost 86,000 miles, and still runs very well, and looks good, fun to drive, etc…
      I was , as others have mentioned, hoping for the Blade( Blade Master G?) version of the Matrix, as that , to me, is a 5 door(sort of) tC-like vehicle( especially the interior).

      That would get me to buy a 5 door vehicle.
      I was going to say maybe in all black interior, this may not be so bad…but the guages do look weird, and I don’t know if any color can hide that, or help it look better.

      If this is it… for Matrix, I’ll pass, and hope that Toyota introduces the (rumored ) 3 door Corolla for the USA for next year, as an 09 model(very possible, as the rumored tC replacement may be a RWD-Fuse-Like vehicle).
      sorry to digress..
      carry on.

    8. The interior actually has the Scion xB manual shifter and A/C control switches…inside door handles appear to resemble the xB as well…Check out the gallery on the Scion website and judge for yourselves!!

    9. I hope that wasn’t a Toyota/GM employee, because if it is they are FIRED. That is one hell of a leak.


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