2009 Tiburon illustration

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It seems to match the spy shots.
We’ll see….

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  1. ALL HELL NO!! I was starting to have alot of hope for hyundai (and I still do)but the tiburon better not look like that!

  2. G 37 ? Hmmmm…….Bodywise maybe. Front is different. Looks pretty good. The way the back looks will make are break it.

  3. Two things: 1) the grill design looks weak and I honestly don’t think that’s what the final product will look like, and 2) the dip in the rear window line is interesting – I’m on the fence about that design cue. Otherwise, this should be a good-looking coupe.

  4. I’ll sure miss the high windowline of the older model, but nothing else of the ’07. If Hyundai was really smart they would have transplanted the looks of the gorgeous 2005-06 Tibs onto the new chassis. Lowered 1.5 inches those were pure love too look at, infact they looked so good I still have not gotten over the relative betrayal under the hood.

  5. The grille is far too small and headlights too big….but I love the wheels….they seem to fit well with the car’s overall design.

  6. It look ugly. People are not going to want to buy it simply because of the window dip. The wheels look ugly and hard to clean.

    Why they don’t make it look exotic like the first gen HCD based Tiburons is beyond me, but since America hates beautiful cars and loves ugly ones then I suppose Hyundai are testing new water and it will sell. I thought at least their first RWD sports car would be a true piece of history like the Supra, instead it just looks like a dumb G35 rip.

    The cheif designer is taken from Ford trucks so it’s no wonder all Hyundais are ugly.

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