All new Audi A4

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Due on August 28th.

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  1. Even though I have not seen a single spy photo, I know it is going to be gorgeous. I only wished Honda or Toyota had the design studios of AUDI. The Germans need to start making cars that last for at least 80k-100k miles before they set you back a couple of grand every time you take it to the dealership for an oil change and they tell you with a “very concerned face” that you need a…… lot more than that. I would definitely lease this car for 3 years and then give it back.

  2. Audis last just fine for 100k. I’ve happily owned three, all well into six-figures on the odometer. My current S4 cabrio has 45k without even a hiccup. I’m sure the new A4 is amazing. But my only hope is that Audi gets out of this widemouth bass grille style really soon.

  3. to ne1butu:
    That hasn’t been my experience with my Audi A6. It is a 1998 A6 that has had the following work done to it:

    – replaced front end steering arms under recall.
    – replaced front headlamp assembly because left turn signal burned a hole in the headlamp assembly. not covered by warranty
    – replaced water pump and air injector cost: $350
    – replaced water pump and air injector (yes a second time, not a typo) another $350 since the work only had a 12-month warranty
    – ABS control module failed. replaced control module at a cost of $645
    – front passenger window fails to completely close when wet. It is often wet where I live.
    – rear-view mirror fails to auto-dim after 6 years (WTF? There are no moving parts)
    – rear windows cannot be operated by rear passengers because child-lockout feature button is broken.

    There have been several other recall items that I can’t remember here. Overall, this car has been a pain in the ass. I’m hoping it lasts long enough for a Honda Accord diesel to go on sale in the US.

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