All new Audi A4

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Just more of the same, really. The interior is much better than before, closer to an A5.
Let’s hope they replave the horrible 2.0 Liter/CVT combo in the US….

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  1. Damn- Just when Audi was getting it’s own signature look it suckered under and morphed into a BMW 3-series for the side and rear.
    Too bad they also felt a mid-90’s Saab dash design was the way to go.
    Score: Fail

  2. Let’s face it here, let’s call a spade a spade….same old interior stylings we saw in the 1980’s corollas and the exterior is a slightly modified audi 5000. come up with something new…..PLEASE! with all the engineering university graduates worldwide, can no one come up with something fresh? ? ?

  3. I know that it’s newer so its bound to be better, but I perfer the A5/A4 interior to the bigger luxo A8’s.

  4. If I needed AWD and lived in the east coast, this would be my pick for an entry level luxury sedan. The DSG combined with any of the engines would be great.

  5. The more these Audi sedans change, the more they stay the same.
    I think all Audi sedans are getting painfully boring.

  6. This is one of those cases where “more of the same” is perfectly fine. Why should Audi mess up what is one of the most stylish line of cars for the sake of something “all new”.

  7. I saw the video. It looks the same more or less, but it looks nice. I will not buy it, because I need my cars to last more than 50,00 miles.

  8. I’ll reserve my comment until I see more pics or see it in person. Though my first impression is that its nothing special. I like the 3 series better.

  9. Sure, it looks more mature but the interior of that vehicle is boring. I have never been a fan of the A6’s interior and judging by the sales neither has anyone else. I don’t know why they chose to go down that path.

    This car is boring. I would MUCH rather have a C350 or 335i.


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