All new Jaguar XF

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Seems really nice.

But does it look like a Jaguar.
Jaguars do need to be different, special…

(Sorry, I had to rmove the picture. I was asked very nicely by Jaguar)

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  1. looks like a european Ford mondeo from the side.. even the taillights look like that! maybe they’re using that platform for Jag now?

  2. I like Jags. I want them to survive. I had high hopes that the “S-Type” successor would be awesome. Instead I see a vehicle where every square inch, every line, every detail is totally deriviative of everyone and anyone BUT Jag! This thing is a mess and an embarassment to the Jag heritage. Sad.

  3. Looks pretty good to me. I’d like to see the front end. Just like Rolls and Bentley modernized and changed their look, Jag needed to modernize it’s look. the old style x type, s type and XJ didnt work and didnt sell. the modernized XK is hot fo jag. I think this is the way for Jag to go if its going to survive. they needed a bold new interpretation of Jag style. i think this does it.

  4. From the B pillar to the C pillar it looks just like the new VW 4-dr “sports coupe” I just saw pics of yesterday. Gonna have to see more pics from other angles to get a better feel for what this Jag looks like.

  5. Just like Rolls and Bentley modernized and changed their look, Jag needed to modernize it’s look.

    You’re exactly right. But when I see a modern Rolls or a Bentley, I immediately recognize them as what they are. However this XF seems more like an Altima or a Mondeo than a fine Jaguar motorcar. Perhaps Jaguar could do better without Ford’s influence.

  6. I think your right Vince, this design seems so indistinct. Its just a cool looking sports car design. The only problem is, its going to compete with the BMW 5 series and that battle may just be won based on reputation and BMW would win. Jaguars have to be something special, different, to stand out. Otherwise, Jaguar is in for a tough, uphill battle with the big boys. I hope they can make it. Jaguar is a great car marque.

  7. The S type seem more British, whereas this seems
    too modern and maybe the new Edsel of the Jaguar animal kingdom. Oh yea, Ford owns this and you know why the concept form failed to truly live on. Cheap may be the best word to say and not the wisest method on the linage.
    I can just picture Jeremy Clarkson tearing this to pieces with one of those mountain movers on his next
    Top Gear show. 🙁


  8. Mike,

    Take a look at the Wiesmann GT.
    Now, that should have been the next Jag!!

    People can still buy a classic car as long as they know
    how to moderize it. Just take a look what they done to the 911 Porsche. That was designed during the height
    of the Third Reich and it is still one of the best selling cars on the road. Yes, it was gutter through and through, but what a job they have done. If they made this too modern fans would just shut themselves off.

  9. The C-XF concept looked great and, agreeing with mikedadawg, just what Jaguar needed right now. But this adaptation for production doesn’t seem to have come together quite so well. That front end in particular worries me, the front of the concept was just perfect and from what can be seen in this pic, it seems they have ruined it

  10. (Sorry, I had to rmove the picture. I was asked very nicely by Jaguar)

    If I were Jaguar, I’d be ashamed of the XF, too.

  11. Soooo…Jaguar, you’re reading this?
    Please tell us you had Vince take that pic down because it wasn’t the XF
    -so we can all breath a sigh of relief.

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