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The 1st official picture!

I think it looks great. At least from this angle.
Much nicer than the new Accord.
And pretty much nicer than anything else in the “affordable family sedan” segment in the US.

More in a few days.

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  1. isn’t this the Ford Mondeo platform?
    If this thing is as good as I have read reviews of the new Ford Mondeo, for Europe, is…. it should sell well!
    Only problem is, there are less Mazda dealerships than even Suzuki in my area( in a 75 mile radius, there’s 3 Suzuki, 2 mazda dealerships.. for example).
    That’s not quite a deal breaker with something this nice, but if you have a warranty item that needs attention,driving 60+ miles one way is no fun.

    I have heard there will be a sedan and possibly a hatch( the 5 door Mondeo, Mazda-ized?).

  2. I agree, this looks really nice. From this angle, it looks a lot like an RSX, which, if you can pull it off in a sedan, is a really good thing.

  3. Wow, thought it was photoshopped at first. 🙂
    Very nice. I do feel that the headlights are a tad small though.

  4. If the rest of the car is as good looking as the front end, the new Mazda 6 makes the upcoming Accord look old and dated before it even hits the showroom.

  5. While very hansome, I prefer the new Mondeo (which it shares a platform).

    I think the front park sensors and/or laser guidence system is interesting.

  6. I agree and maybe a Mazda 6 Coupe’ should come to market like what they had in the 626 version.
    From spyshots the side of the sedan looks a little Altmia like but lets see final production versions.

  7. From this view it’s terrific looking! Very expressive front end with a more Euro look. Huge improvement over the current model.

  8. WOW… That’s hot! Even nicer than I expected from seeing all the spy photos. Can’t wait to see the rest of it!

  9. perfection granted. This will probably be the best car and the best looking car, save for the altima. yet, it’s not a toyota or a honda so the SHEEP aren’t commenting….maybe they are too scared to.

  10. Looking pretty good so far.

    I would say this and the Altima are the style leaders in the segment. With Accord and Camry being the dull sisters.

    I hope Mazda improves the reliability of this model, as it’s been pretty bad up until the current generation, unlike the Mazda3 of course.

  11. Camry and Accord sedan buyers aren’t really the CarBlog-types. They clothes-shop at Macy’s, not Abercrombie. They wear white cotton underwear -two sizes too small just to make sure it’s all safely tucked. They read The National Review, not The National Enquirer. They only boink with the lights off…and never grunt.
    They would look at this new 6, shake their heads and say a prayer for the sinner who buys one.

    Nice going Mazda- a sedan for people who go commando and grunt out loud!!

  12. Looks very Accord-ish. But it’s still not going to sell any where near Accord or Camry. Mazda is a very low volume seller.

  13. This car looks AWESOME so far. I can’t wait to see more. So far I think it looks better than the Mondeo. Hopefully the 6cyl/6spd auto/AWD will be decent on gas. This is definitely a car I might buy in a couple of years. Great job Mazda!


  14. Toyota buyers are the “sheep of the auto industry”…they have taken over from the GM buyers of old. not a chic or avante guarde type of person, just a simple plain, vanilla, average joe of a person, you know, the safe non-risk taker type that keep on rollin’ in their boring ways.

  15. My hat is off to Mazda on this one. It looks like an RX-8, I love it! Can’t wait to see this car in person.

  16. I would be cool if Mazda made a coupe to compete with the Altima and Accord coupes. The RX-8 is a bit to pricey to fit in there.

    If it’s got a front like this and a nice long fastback like the Altima or the G35/37 I’m thinking it could look quite good.

  17. oh hell yeah……..the 6 looks realy good…….mazda may not have the reliability rep as toyota or honda….but it damn well beats toy-onda’s uninspired, commuterbox, mommy of three styling any day. i cant wait to see the whole car in person!

  18. The 6 looks nice, but Honda has some nice designs as well. 2008 Accord coupe, 8th gen Civic, TL, and TSX are all nice looking cars.

    The 2008 Accord Sedan may not look sporty, but it does look classy in certain shots. The good thing about Hondas is they’re easy to dress up. I’m sure that will be the case with the new Accord sedan. Tint the windows, polish it up, and if you’ve got one of the nicer colors….tight looking ride guaranteed (IMO).

    I’ve seen some sporty 7.5th gen Accords and Civics as well. I just hope they don’t go in the wrong direction with the next TL and TSX.

    Mazda’s brings a good deal of style to the table (CR7 & 3), I’ll give them that.

  19. I’ve owned two incredibly reliable Mazda Proteges and plan to replace my current one with a Mazda3 very soon.. but seeing this pic is beginning to sway me upmarket! I’ve been scared away from the 626/MX-6/Mazda6s of the past by their horrible automatic transmission reliability (and lack of manual tranny in the US).. if Mazda can deliver this new-generation Mazda6 with V6 and 5- or 6-speed manual, I am IN!

  20. The more I look at it the more I like! I see a little Mazda 3 in it, but in a good way. I can’t wait for the Frankfurt Auto Show where it’ll make it’s offial debut. I think I see little sonar thingamabobs on the front bumper. I wonder if it’s got sonar or radar cruise control.


  21. I can finally see the beautiful Ford Fusion headlight/tailight chrome liners being put in good use!

    Agreed with the others, Mazda should try to break-through and improve its reliability despite being a child of Ford.

  22. I really like it, but I hope that Mazda will not “uglyfy” some key design elements by the time the car reaches the north american market, just like they did with the current generation’s bulgeing tail lights, which made it look much cheaper.

  23. “perfection granted. This will probably be the best car and the best looking car, save for the altima. yet, it’s not a toyota or a honda so the SHEEP aren’t commenting….maybe they are too scared to. “

    Sheep? Not exactly.
    Educated consumer? Yes.

    I would MUCH rather have the Accord sedan or coupe with the V6 and a manual. It will run 0-60 in the mid-high 5’s. Mazda will more than likely stick to a lower powered, Ford sourced V-6. No thanks. Given Fords track record I’d like to stay away.

    Honda > Mazda

    Sales numbers prove it, reliability proves it, owner satisfaction proves it, dealer support and network proves it.


  24. My question is…. who’s going to be the 1st Japanese automaker to come out with a sleek, small RWD coupe/sedan? No matter how stylish the Mazda 3 and this new Mazda 6 are, FWD is no way to propel a sporting vehicle. First one to the table is gonna take a nice bite out of BMW 1 series sales, and pick up some sizable press too.

  25. I just rented an accord sedan, it drives nice, but, ugly and boring as he!!. The sales have been slipping as well vs other competitors, namely fusion and camry. Honda is lucky they keep putting out new models or their numbers wouldn’t look so hot.

  26. Great looking from the front! Saw pictures of the rearend yesterday…doesn’t work. If you only had to look at the front, it’s a winner. What was Mazda thinking? I’m disappointed, ’cause I wanted on! Besides, the Honda Accord I currently own is SO boring…can only imagine the ’08 will be the same way!

  27. I don’t know if you guys know this but the MAZDA3 is built MUCH better than the 6, and has a higher reliability/quality rating. Could the new 6 follow in its footsteps? Maybe… I know I’ll be looking at one when my lease on my 3 expires in 2 years!

  28. That’s a great looking car. How is Mazda as far as reliability is concerned? And do they still use those red lights inside? I hate red gauges. They should implement a dial or something so you can adjust them to a different more legible color.

  29. honda….transmissions shift erratically, ride is rough, ride height is too low, front end is too short, dealer network notoriously overcharge for service, various suspension parts made of “Plastic”, ya I think honda is the way to go

  30. Reliability issues?

    I own a 2002 Protege5. New tires two years ago and a new battery four months ago.

    I also own a 2003 Mazda6. New tires a year ago. That is it!

    I bought the 6 because of the experience with the 6.

    Toyota and Honda Lovers… SHUT UP. All they have is good marketing of the reputation built up years ago. They may be reliable, but to me not so much more reliable that to make it work yawning every time I look at MY car.

  31. alright nobody cares… everyone is going to stick with their opinion and they can argue till their head explodes. This car does look nice, but seriously, we know nothing about it yet so let’s just wait and see how it REALLY stacks up to Accord/Camry/Fusion/Altima, maybe even the new Malibu. It could be the world’s biggest disappointment, or the quality and dynamics of this car could be as perfect as the looks.

    How about a new post please?

  32. BLACKLASER…The new mazda 6 smells like old taurus,2000-2007 gen.(you will see soon),the new ford fusion in the head light. and mazda dna. holy sheeeeep.

  33. JDM Hondas are a lot cooler then what they sell here.
    Honda will try selling us Made in Mexico Cr-V this
    September as ’08. Are they F-ing crazy?
    Japan and the rest of the world (maybe except for China) continue to gets Japanese made Cr-Vs.

  34. i think this is getting a bit to heated! a car is a car. i know honda and toyota and nissan are supposedly the most reliable but like any car brand, they have their issues too. if you like the mazda, get the mazda. if you like the honda, get the honda. stop picking apart all the brands bc reliability, imo, varies on individual car and not a brand as a whole. my accord has more issues than my friends chrysler. go figure.

  35. it’s because your honda is the usual garbage as toyota, these 2 products are reaping the benefits of the cars they used to build in the 90’s. it’s true, i was selling toyota then and my daughter now has a 2 year old camry that is more troublesome than any gm i’ve ever seen. Toyota and Honda need to get back up to speed. My 2000 Nissan Maxima is the best , most trouble free car ever! go figure….Nissan is the King now!

  36. Nissan is King now! because you bought one and you don’t want to have any buyer’s remorse. All of this automotive rhetoric about the different brands is soooo boring and really drags down a discussion about cars for car loving people. I am so tired of the “[insert car manufacturer] is the best because [insert sad opinion] and your car is a POS!” commentary that pervades most sites I visit. I think it is time to take a vacation from these forums until the Frankfurt show comes up and we have some more original material to review.

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