All new rear engine VW

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VW will show a concept of this car next month.
I am not sure if this is an actual picture of the concept or just an illustration.

They want to compete with the popular Dacia/Renault Logan for a 8000 Euro base price.
Quite amazing.
This would be the real successor to the old Beetle.

And I am sure there could be a market here for some cool $11 000 VW.

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  1. this car is for developing nations?
    i hope this isnt it. Just because they dont have as much money dont mean they have no taste

  2. Probably won’t have an air-cooled engine, though. Oh well.

    It’s quirky-looking without being weird, but it needs work on the seam lines between panels. Too arbitrarily placed. Just look at the hood seams like the one just over the VW emblem. Would have been nicer to have followed the nice arc flowing under the emblem and up to the base of the windshield. The door cutouts are just as ungracefully placed into the a-pillar. I’m sure there is either an engineering or bean-counter reason for this, but being a designer, it’s hard not to notice these clumsy, inelegant design elements.

  3. When did VW start getting design cues from Toyota of Europe. The front end, especially badge placement and hood lines looks like some of the cars Toyo sells in Europe.
    I do see some cues derivative of the original Beetle, but not enough to make me get nostolgic.

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