And now for the coupe

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Looking much better than the sedan.
As usual for Honda…

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  1. the interior picture you’ve listed for the coupe is actually of the sedan. the coupe has a three spoke steering wheel design 😉

  2. This will be a great vehicle… Can’t wait to actually drive one. The Altima coupe hasn’t been well received by automotive journalists and the back end is bulbous, looks like a suppository.


  3. This is the same interior picture as the sedan, with the rear power windows. I hope the coupe interior will have a sportier but classy version!!!

  4. wow…that thing looks amazing. I’m not sold on the sedan – but the coupe?! DAMN!

    Vince, the temple of VTEC is citing 190 HP for the 4 cyl?

  5. WAY better then the sedan, though I’m not sure I dig the chrome grill and window surrounds. The G35 showed just how good a car can look without any chrome.

  6. Honda’s website also confirms 190 hp for the coupe engine. I must say, I saw this at NAIAS this January and wasn’t impressed, but it’s growing on me, especially in the blue. I’d like to drive this one back to back with the Altima coupe.

  7. I’m a little disappointed that Honda didn’t go with the much bolder and blunted front end from the concept. Seems like the sedan actually came closer. Maybe I’ll feel differently when I actually see one, but right now…. so-so.

    Bring back the Integra !

  8. very diverse commentary.
    1) Honda(Larger)tC.
    2) Pontiac, lol… yeah, Honda G6?

    3) Since I make under 15 dollars per hour, I refuse to take out a 6 year loan for any car…and this owuld most likely be one of them, unfortunately.

    4) I’ll buy the tC.
    I can afford it.
    Why is honda the highest priced mfg out there anymore, for the “common folk” cars? Never used ot be like that.

  9. The whole car is awkward! It’s too tall with small looking wheels and yet a droopy butt! But at least it’s better than the sedan, when you thought last generations droopy butt was bad, Honda decides to make the Accord even uglier!

  10. The LX I4 will output 177HP and the EX I4 will output 190HP, not 180 and 200.

    Also, the V6 will output 268HP, not 273.

    All the power figures listed by Vince are from older press info.

  11. It looks good but not stunning like the concept. Honda pulled a “Zephyr” on us and delivered a production vehicle that’s clunkier, homlier and less interesting than what it should have been. It won’t matter one bit because it’s a Honda. My prediction is that the sales volume of the new coupe will be the same as the current one. The new sedan is a vast improvement over the current one and will sell much better.

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