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From another Chinese car.
This time it is the Chery Amulet, sold (and tested) in Russia.
Where is costs around $9000.
They did sell over 10 000 units over there already.

I hope Chrysler makes sure anything they co-produce with Chery improves. A lot!

But how could they go from this test above, to making safe cars in a year? Or even 2???

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  1. I heard about this. The Russians basically said the Amulet was crap. And if the Russians say something is crap, it must be crap.

  2. “Chinese cars with superior crumple-zones guaranteed to crumple to the rear license plate, thus making life for the junkyard easier!”

    Before anyone says anything, you know that some marketing guru thought of the exact same thing… scary huh!

  3. No wonder the crash test results are so bad – this Chery is a licence built version of the Mk I Seat Toledo from 1991, which was in turn based on the platform of the 1984 Volkswagen Golf Mk II, so the design of the car’s safety structure is at least 20 years behind the latest designs, and dates from an era when crash protection was VERY basic by modern standards.

    I’d imagine anything designed by Chrysler and built under licence by Chery would be far safer and up to modern safety standards.

  4. yes the chinese cars are junk now but look at hyundai, only took them 10 years to turnaround, so i say in less than 10 years, chinese cars will be competitive…

    not to mention by then all those really small manufacturers will be out of the game and do keep in mind the chinese hasn’t been making cars all that long (at least comparing to the rest of the world)

  5. Korean cars may have had a turnaround in 10 years, but their cars (while junk) were not nearly that abysmally terrible compared to the junk made at the time they were competing against. Remember the first generation Metro, Cavalier, Escorts?

    What the chinese are trying to push on us is completely off the map in relations to anything sold today!!!

  6. Never would I buy a Chinese car. I would rather drive a Korean car or better yet, Japanese.
    But I still favor German cars even though they are not perfect in the electric department, I would like to buy something that I can walk out alive!

  7. Well, this explains the “too good to be true” Chinese car industry.

    But, with the speed of things there in China, I guess they have fixed the safety issues in two years.

  8. I am definitely aware that all developing countries go through a period where economic expansion outstrips regulators ability to establish enforceable safety standards, but this is pure lunacy. Are you telling me that this car is now running around on the extremely crowded streets of China?

  9. It’s crunch time again baby! WOOOOOOHHOOOOOOO YEEEAAAAHHHH!

    As bad as these vehicles are, the one thing they do do well is entertain in these videos. Thanks Vince.


    P.S. Please no doo doo comments.

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