Another great car chase

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From “To leave and die in L.A”
Someone has mentioned it here. I almost had forgotten about it.

And guess what.
I was in it (Kind of…)
I am driving one of the cars on the bridge at the beginning of the clip…But I can’t seem to see it now.
(It might have been cut, or they used another shot)
A blue Pacer.
But I still can see my friend’s white Seville…


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  1. Hey Vince,

    Another great car chase is the one from the French Connection – one of only a billion movies that Gene Hackman has been in over the years.

  2. Thanks for posting that! The little youtube window doesn’t do justice to how off the hook that chase is.

    Vince, were you old enough to be driving a Pacer in 1986?

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