Another Chinese “Luxury” car…

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You want a Lexus,an Infiniti, a Mercedes, or even a Sonata but can’t really afford one?

Well… How about a $12 000 Bing Yue instead?
Sure, it comes with a 2.4 Liter Mitsubishi engine. Not the Lexus 3.5 Liter V6.
Sure it’s not really good looking.
But hey.. $12 000!

Now, if only they could make these just a bit safer, so you don’t fear for your life when you’re driving 20mph…

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  1. I can’t possibly imagine ever owning a Chinese car… and that should be concerning since I am Chinese.

  2. Considering how well Chinese cars do in crash tests, perhaps this one should be named the Phuc Yue.

  3. It looks like they “barrowed” the dash from the outgoing Toyota Corolla and taillights from the previous S Class Mercedes. And Dare I say is that a rip off of the Chrysler penta-star on the wheel. $12,000, please Vince, give the VW Pheaton a couple of more weeks of depreciation and your set, and that has a W12 and also give you some chance of survival after an accident.

  4. You can tell that it shares Sonata parts. It has the same exterior door panels, and gauges as the Korean model. Plus, the switches to the left of the steering wheel under the vent are the same. The HVAC controls look like the ones used on the company that works with Mazda..FAW?

    Plus, that 2.4L Mitsubishi engine is probably the GEMA engine that is the same 2.4 engine from Hyundai.

  5. Well im very happy that they copied my 1990 toyota tercel steering wheel !! makes me feel all warm inside…..

  6. 2/3rds Azera(not Sonata…go look at the Azera,guys, then this) and rear end =Mercury Montego(or whatever they call today’s Mercury “Fusion”..Montego? I dunno..don’t care).

    Look, if they could gte the crash test to 3-4 stars, even at the cost of say 3K more to upgrade it for the USA, and sell us an Chinese-Azera, for 15-16K LOADED like the 28K Hyundai Azera, I’d be about sold(the rear end scream”Old person car”…the rest is cool, since it’s Azera,basically).

    Last tiem I saw a Sonata for 12K was in June of 1998, fully loaded….the works… 12,000 even… trying to unload it before the new 99’s came out. Was going for 18-19K msrp originally.
    Think we’ll see any Sonata 12K loaded, again, in USA?
    Mayeb if China gets their way!.
    I’m all for it.
    I am sick of 19 K Sebring(nasty car), or the 16K Calibers( yeah,, that replaces the Neon? In waht world?).
    Give me a 16K LARGE sedan, not some tiny car like Fit loaded up.

    Crooks, all of ’em…. that’s why I cheer on China. GM, Chrysler and VW have all announced(do some net searches if ya don’t believe me)they want to bring Chinese cars to USA in 2-3 years(or sooner).
    2 cars from Chery for Chrysler, VW may bring a car here, and GM wants Chiense Buicks in USA by 09, iirc.

    I’m all for it. Sick of being robbed at dealerships.

  7. This car should be the poster child for an embarrassment to all chinese people. How frickin’ hard is it to make original designs for once???

  8. So wait, you’re implying that this is a Korean vehicle. Let me clear up a few stuff here. Exterior panels are no way the same or even close as the Sonata. The Sonata never had optitron gauges (Veracruz is the only Hyundai) like the ones on here. The switches under the left vent is just nitpicking.

    The 2.4L Mitsubishi engine used here is in fact, not GEMA, but a old 1990’s variant that is commonly used throughout China. The one Hyundai has is only distributed under actual Mitsubishi cars, Daimler-Chrysler cars and Hyundai.

    The taillights are carryovers from the 2003-2006 CLK. The front, albeit being bland, is original. The Hofmeister kink, originated from BMW, is not arguable as manufacturers such as Holden and Nissan have implemented it. But the uniqueness stops there. The rest is, no doubt, unoriginal.

    The interior ,by the way, is a rendering.

  9. “I can’t possibly imagine ever owning a Chinese car… and that should be concerning since I am Chinese.”

    “Considering how well Chinese cars do in crash tests, perhaps this one should be named the Phuc Yue.”

    Both very funny comments guys!!!

    Please notice the panel gap on the rear door, and the HUGE gap between the door and the dashboard. Build quality is non-existent to the Chinese. Think of the cheap materials they would use for critical components such as fuel lines and brake lines, they could crack and fail. No thanks. Also, the parts support for these vehicles would be pitiful.


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