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Just another illustration.
And again, it shows a design silmilar to all other Audi models.
(Sausages of different sizes…)

Is there really a market for this?
Do that many people want an Audi the size of a Mini. Without the cool look or nostalgia?

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  1. If it is priced right and offers good performance
    along with a strong warranty, why not?
    However, I think the A3 was intended to be
    a cheap model here in the States, but since it was German it has the right to demand a lot for such a small package that in my opinion sometimes crossed over to A4 price territory. If Audi wants to have a hit
    it has to sell this at a very reasonable price, like $ 21,000 for an FWD manual and $ 22.300 for an automatic and if you want AWD, another $ 1000.
    Don’t forget there is the BMW 1 series, MIni S,
    VW Gti and new cool sports coupes heading their way from Japan… Also BMW and Mini have great
    maintenance programs,,,

  2. Blacklazer:

    1) I do drive a VW GTI
    2) I am poor

    So maybe I will get this in my future with any luck.
    I asked uncle Vince for Bentley which is the most expensive VW/Audi you can buy, but I think he is still trying to find me on his family tree.

  3. I think people can find advantages in having an all-wheel drive compact car that handles well and probably does not weigh as much as a Mini does.

  4. BLACKLASER…ebm14…the most expensive car under the vw tree who you can buy is the bugatti veyron pegaso edition, more than the basic who cost $1.2 millon, 1001 HP, 245 mph. the pegaso numbers are different hold on and look,… $1.5 million, 1200 HP,250 mph. niceeee.

  5. BLACKLASER…Audi for less han $24,000 imposible, they don’t look around to compete with hyundai, they just check around for something more afordable.

  6. Blackluster,

    The new 1 series is starting at $27k, so I think it would be wise for Audi to price the A1 in mid range
    Mini Territory=$24k.


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