Audi A3 Convertible

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So it is true…,
So far I had only seen illustrations of what that car might look like.

I guess it’ll be out soon too.
But the regular A3 already hits the $30 000 mark. And usually, convertibles are about $5000…

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  1. What is the purpose of the A3 convertible
    if you already have the A4 convertible which will be a few grand more. right?

    There will be:
    A1 soft top
    A3 ” “
    A4 ” “
    A5 ” “

  2. Audi will build so many soft tops for the following cars:

    I think they are going to run into marketing problems
    unless they will be sold in certain markets.

  3. well, this car would sell anywhere but here.

    Anyone who’s not living under a rock knows how low our currency at the moment compared to the rest of the world (EU, JPY, etc).

    Everything getting more expensive, unemployment rate climbing up…

    $30K for a small Golf cousin really makes a lot of sense… NOT!

    Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, I also believe that it won’t be long until the rest of the world currency caught up with USD.

    Just think, all trying to sell their goods here, and if we can’t afford to buy then they will suffer too – except maybe Chinese industries

  4. Which means that with any options, it’s at least 40k. That’s going to be a tough sell compared against the hardtop Eos or even Audi’s own A4. That is unless the next base A4 cabrio starts where the current S4 is currently. Hmmmm?

    I’m getting worried about Audi’s pricing pyramid. I hope that the next S4 cabrio doesn’t grow in size, like some derivative of the S5. That would make it too big and bloated. I like the athletic proportions of the current S4 cars.

  5. It’s cute… sort of reminds me of the VW Cabrio. The upcoming BMW 1 convertible seems a bit more exciting though.

  6. VW Eos anyone? Eos starts at $28,000. So this could be more than $35K considering that the that $28K price for the Eos for the base engine.

  7. Not very inpressive when other convertibles in the segment are now sporting retractable hard tops. The VW Eos looks better than this in my opinion & probaly drives just as well as the A3. If this does make it to the U.S. I hope Audi puts the 3.2 V6 in it.

  8. “Carl said…

    Looks like a late 90’s Vw Cabrio from that angle.”

    Indeed, it does. And that’s not a good thing.

  9. I am pretty sure that the A5 cabrio is replacing the A4 cabrio when the next-gen A4 comes out. That would leave the A3 cabrio to compete with the BMW 1 series cabrio and the A1 cabrio to compete with the Mini cabrio.

  10. “I am pretty sure that the A5 cabrio is replacing the A4 cabrio when the next-gen A4 comes out.”

    If that’s the case, I’m going to stick with my S4 cabrio through the next generation of Audis. The A5 is simply too large. I won’t move up to a fat-cat sized car the size of a 6 series. The A3 can’t accommodate an 8cyl engine and is not a competitor for the M3. Audi really needs to keep the proportion of the current A4 for the next one.

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