“Bullitt” car chase

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Re-match in the streets for 2009.

And by the way, I heard a few days ago horrible rumors about a remake with Brad Pitt coming up.
I hope this never happen. Or if it does, let’s hope it bombs….

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  1. Thanks, Vince. That’s among the best chase scenes ever filmed IMO.

    When I lived in Cleveland, I drove to the theater to see “BULLITT” in my new, 1968 Dodge Charger (blue, not back, with 383 V8) and was so disappointed when the Charger in “Bullitt” went up in flames. Well, mine was OK when I returned to it after the movie.

    Four years later I moved to San Francisco and drove many of the same streets, but not as fast, of course;-).

  2. I can’t picture Brad Pitt as Bullitt. He is too much of a pretty boy and can’t possibly do a Steve McQueen cool cop role. I wonder who else would be better suited for the role, but like someone else in a forum suggested, let Michael Mann direct it and give it the Heat/Miami Vice treatment.

  3. thay cant remke this movie there is no one like macqueen now
    brad pitt is just another canadian pretty boy
    not a movie star

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