Burlapp in Europe. Part1

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I know, these aren’t great pictures.
But still, I am not used to these cars I have never seen in real life. And after seeing them in pictures and videos, It’s great to see them in the streets.

The Peugeots do look great in person.
Much better than the older Astra we’re getting here as a Saturn.
I am till amazed by the number of diesel cars too. Weird to hear it coming out of a VW Eos, or a Jaguar.

More to come…

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  1. “The Peugeots do look great in person.
    Much better than the older Astra we’re getting here as a Saturn.”

    Which Peugeots might those be? The ones hidden behind the ugly cars in your posted photos?

  2. The front overhang on that Peugeot coupe is unreal.

    I hope you are enjoying your time in Europe, Vince!

  3. I really like the top Peugeot…reminds me of the ’05 Dodge Stratus 2 door. I am sure most people hate that car, much less any Dodge. Is Peugeot going to make a return to the U.S.?

  4. The top picture Peugeot looks like a bottom feeder. Its beautiful from the A pillar back, but the front is only something a mother could love…..and someone needs to tell Peugeot that the lion emblem doesn’t need to be the size that it is.

  5. Look at the overhang on the front of the car in the top picture. Its one of the most significant on any car on this forum.

  6. Giant overhang on the top car – about 3 feet worth – with shark gills to confuse the motorist no doubt.

  7. Greetings from Portugal, Europe! Guess you are amazed by european cars when you see those on the roads as we do here with american ones.

  8. Even though it looks like some sort of French Sebring, that coupe has






    But enjoy your travels in Europe. The countries are great, but the people are even better.

    Any and all pictures of European cars are appreciated.

  9. Suggestions from a European car lover: Try to get a picture of a current-model Seat León, an Alfa Romeo 159 or Brera, and a current-model Honda Civic hatchback (even better if it’s a Type R)! They are all great looking cars that, as far as I know, you can’t see in the US.

  10. The second photo car in the rear is the Mercedes B Class – we already have those here in Canada. You see them everywhere.

  11. From Matteo from Italy

    Vince, you’re are too good with the Peugeot Coupè, it’s only a “60′ Ferrari-wannabe”.

    The diesel are the major part of the market here in EU, especially big size cars/SUV.

    Ah, good blog, i like it.

  12. Reminds me of a mid-90s Dodge Avenger, which I think was probably a better looking design in its say that this Peugeot is today. Design has moved on and this Peugeot looks like a half-used bar of soap today. Was it designed to look like the sibling of the Lexus SC? France can keep this in exchange for some Citroens.

  13. The Peugeots do look great in person.
    Much better than the older Astra we’re getting here as a Saturn. “

    No…peugeots are just as ugly in person as they are in pictures…just ugly….uglier than sin in fact.

    Citroens, and even the astra, is far better looking than any recent peugeots (with those sorry, big, black braces excuse for a grille).+

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