Car chase from “Jade”

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A not so well known 1995 film from the great William Friedkin.
And another great car chase.

I remember being quite amazed by how realistic it was.

Warning: the begining is pretty bloody…

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  1. Wow. That was some car chase. Hopefully the new Taurus has at least half the guts that’s in the Taurus in this movie.


  2. 🙂
    It was a crap movie but I remember than after I saw it, this chase was the only thing about it that stuck in my mind. I had been wanting to see this chase again ever since, but couldn’t bring myself to watch the whole wretched thing just for the chase. Now, thanks to you, I got what I wanted. Thanks, Vince!

  3. Vince, this seems like a partial retread of (homage to?) the Bullitt chase to me. Also, you see the same cars again and again in the fender benders (look for an early 90s Buick Century), seems like a goof.

    Friedkin’s chase in to Live and Die in LA is way better, it almost gave me a heart attack in the theater.

  4. I love how at the last second, the ’93 Taurus is replaced on the docks by an ’87 Taurus, right before meeting its watery demise…

  5. I just can’t be bothered to watch with two utterly uninspiring cars- especially as they are using the same streets as Bullitt- it has to just be a disappointment.

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