Chevrolet HRR SS

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After all these spy shots, here it is.

The 260hp SS version of the HHR.
Even if it took a while, it took less time for GM to add power to the HHR than for Chrysler to boost the PT Cruiser.

I really like the HHR and I don’t think there is a need for such power. especially through the front wheels.

But if it can help sells… Whatever works works…

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  1. I bought my wife the 07 HHR Premier edition. We were pleasantly surprised by how nice of a car it is. IMO its only real downside is the cheaper plastics used on the dashboard. However, getting the black interior really helps it look more upscale. Ride is pretty good for a small car. The AC is so strong that it creates blizzard like conditions in Texas heat 😉

  2. Needs just a bit more front overhang.

    Do people actually buy HHRs? I’ve seen maybe half a dozen on the road since they came out. I’m not completely bashing the car, though. It’s actually a practical vehicle that will do what most people need. I test drove one a while back, and it seemed well-built, had a decent interior, but it suffered from very thick pillars that compromised visibility.

    In this market segment, I’d rather have a Vibe, Matrix, Mazda3, or a Jetta wagon.

  3. I have seen a few on the road but most of what I’ve seen have been on used car lots. I haven’t driven one – only sat in one at an auto show – seemed pretty cheap inside.

  4. A Cobalt wagon with ZZ Tops looks. Hmmm. No thanks. Too redneck for my tastes, and even more so in this SS trim. Leave this crap to NASCAR fans.

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