Chrysler’s new logo.

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I guess it’s back to the 70’s at the “new Chrysler”.
How many times has there been a new Chrysler now?
Isn’t it what they called it also in the 80’s?

Let’s hope all that “new” stuff also brings better looking cars. With better interiors.
Some of the ones they have now actually look like they came from the 70’s…

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  1. I guess whats old is new once again ? i dont see anything new. the penstar ?? the word new ??? also read today they signed on the guy that ruined Home Depot ( he is not a car nut ) to be the new ceo, this should be a wild ride, that we get to sit back and watch… im watching cause there is not a single car i would buy from Chyrsler, perhaps the challenger, but its gonna be way overpriced, when it comes out, you see there are alot of us out there that dont wanna spend more than 350 bux a month for a car payment…

  2. Chrysler will have new V6 engines and DSG transmissions and a focus on interior materials.

    But the UAW will still be sucking the life out of them.

  3. LOL the corporate speak here is so disingenuous and far from the truth it’s laughable:

    “…the New Chrysler is something of a rarity in today’s automotive world: a company that’s capable of quickly responding to the needs of customers instead of the demands of the stockholders. The fact is, we’ve always believed we were the most customer-focused car company on the planet. And now that’s more true than ever.”

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

  4. This is the logo for Chrysler LLC, not for Chrysler cars. Chrysler cars are still going to use the current winged logo.

  5. Who cares? They’re gone in 5 years anyway(see July sales, despite the new warranty, for 1 example, not to mention the new leadership just announced!).

  6. When I first saw this, I thought:


    Bring back the wings! It was classy! It was classic! It was heritage!

    The Penta-star screams “K-Car” with a plasticky accent! After a Jeep, a Chrysler minivan and two PT Cruisers, I decided to leave Chrysler after their most recent moves. Get a clue, Chrysler!

  7. Fellas — the Retro badge will be used ONLY for the Corporation — on items like official communications, etc.

    It is NOT gonna be used for the Chrysler Brand; the Retro-Chrysler Badge stays in place for Chrysler cars and the Pentastar is only for Chrysler CORPORATION, LLC.

    I don’t know how folks got to thinking that this was going to adorn cars and trucks, but that’s just plain wrong —

  8. So when will plymouth make a comeback?? I like the boat logo on the plymouth. It says land yacht! LOL

  9. “It says land yacht!”

    Interestingly enough, Plymouth never carried the real Land Yacht displayed by the various LH platform vehicles (well, not counting the 300M)….ha

  10. who bought chrysler…really…that under 40 billionaire. ya, it’s very easy in russia if you are 30 something, these days to become a billionaire…nyet! what the hell is going on here. is no one else wondering??????

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