Citroen C-Airscape concept

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A really nice looking convertible.
An almost conservative design for Citroen.

Imagine if the new Sebring looked like that.

I smell a C5 convertible coming up…

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  1. I spent quite a bit of time in Australia recently and while there, I fell in love with so many cars that we can’t get in the US. One of my favorites is the entire line of Citroens! The C2, C3, and C4’s mainly. I am a fan of hatchbacks and Citroen does a nice job with their hatchbacks (C4 in particular).

    This convertible looks amazing to me! It does look BMWish and Audi-ish, but in reality (if you have ever seen a Citroen in person) they would never make such a bland looking car. Look at and see what I mean. Citroens are always unusual compared to mainstream.

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