Dodge Demon headed for production???

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There is a recent rumor about the Dodge demon concept actually heading for production.

The new owners of Chrysler are looking into everything.
They scraped the horrible Imperial concept. They don’t seem to plan a new PT Cruiser after 2009.
But the Miata fighter Demon could very well make it.

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  1. It would be difficult to design a small roadster more beautiful than a Sky or Solstice, but this little gem takes a completely different approach. The former two are prettier while the Demon is more aggressive. And what a handsome interior, too.

    I say build it!

  2. This is amusing but I think Chrysler needs to focus on its high-volume cars, which are embarrassingly uncompetitive, to survive. Unless they can re-use the platform for a good small cars, which is highly dubious.

  3. I just hope they don’t let Chery build the damned thing. But other than that, wouldn’t it be nice if Chrysler made ONE car people actually wanted to buy??????????

  4. Like the first comment stated, I like the Sky’s styling better,to me the Sky is a stunning, gotta have car,and when you give it the performance of the Redline’s power, it’s hard to beat. I do like this Demon, but I don’t see how Chrysler would be able to build it anywhere near the 15k pricepoint and make any money unless they build it in China which would be a deal breaker for many including me.

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