Fiat Ludo?

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I guess this would reblace the Doblo in their line up?
This upcoming cool little delivery van is based on the “also upcoming” redesigned Peugeot Partner.
So the only Fiat part is actually the front end and some details.

I still think there might be a market for something similar over here. Ford at one point was thinking of selling their small Transit Connect utility van.
But it seems they say a lot of things and actually do very little. (Like importing or not the new Mondeo, selling the new Focus all around the world except in the US, letting people think they might build a version of the Interceptor concept when they actually never intended to etc…)

Too bad…

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  1. Vince,

    This won’t replace de Doblo but will stand just below it in Fiat’s range.
    Known as MCV project at PSA, this car is mainly a Fiat product, I guess Peugeot/Citroën didn’t do much in it (probably some engines). It will be produced in Turkey by Tofas (Fiat’s local partner) and will be sold through Peugeot and Citroën dealerships too (change the front grille and you get a precise idea of their look). It won’t also replace the Partner/Berlingo. these cars will be replaced next year by a new product similar in size as the Doblo or the Ford Connect and will exist in two lenghts (a little bit bigger than the current Berlingo).

    The Citroën version of this “Ludo” the will also have a four letter name ending with an ‘o’ as far as I know (that’s our little secret)…
    What surprises me is that the “Ludo” name seems to be owned by Renault (used in a concept car back in 1994 and on a limited edition Clio few years ago). Fiat may have bought it after all.

    Long story short, Fiat’s commercial vehicle lineup will offer four cars :
    The “Ludo”, the Doblo (proper Fiat product), the Scudo and the Ducato (both are a PSA-Fiat cooperation).


    Eric & Yahoo

  2. Thanks a lot for all the info.
    Are you working for PSA???

    I will actually be in France in a couple of weeks visiting some friends.

  3. You’re welcome.

    I’m an intern at Citroën but I’m not working on this project. I don’t know more about it but if I did, I wouldn’t tell you…

    I hope you’ll enjoy your stay in france.

  4. Looks good. And not just the name is Renault-ish. From the styling, if I had just seen this photograph without being told anything else about it, I would have thought it was a Renault, in fact I would have been sure it was the Kangoo replacement.

  5. I miss the Fiorino, but that was phased out long ago. I had a friend in Germany who had the passenger version of the Fiorino. It held a ton of stuff and was cooler than a station wagon.

    Anyway, I think there is currently a market for a product like this in the US. Think of all the small in-home computer service or tech services running around like Geek Squad etc. Don’t you think this would be more practical than a VW Beetle??? I have already seen a bunch of Panel HHRs running around the NOVA area.

    I also think Ford is really dropping the ball by not bringing the Transit here. The Econoline, while it has served its purpose, is incredibly outdated. The Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter is selling well in the US and is much more flexible than the regular full size van offerings from Ford and Chevy.


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