GM in 1976

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Sure, they weren’t the “best” cars.
But they were all king of crazy. Still big. With weird stripes.
They were tring to look modern with mostly old looking designs.

But still.. 1976…
Disco, bell bottoms. And weird sripes and decals on cars. Mag wheels.

Something cool about it.

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  1. My uncle has a silver 76 Stingray just like in that first pic. Great childhood memories cruising in that car…

  2. With the exception of the decal-tastic Buick, there is something cool about these cars. Remember what the Japanese had in the 70s? Nothing attractive, that’s for sure. There were only two real mainstream imports that anyone wanted, and that was Mercedes and Porsche. Today mainstream cars are bland because everyone is competing with the bland cars that Toyota builds.

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