Hyundai i30 wagon in the US?

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We should be getting it as an “Elantra Touring” model.
Replacing the old 5 door.

So far, no plans to bring over the 3 and 5 door models. Just the wagon.
This would compete with the new Jetta wagon over here. But not much else.
Unless Toyota decides to bring back a wagon version of the next Corolla…

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  1. The Corolla wagon is called the Matrix. Must be pretty good marketing if Vince doesn’t even see it!

  2. The new Corolla wagon came out in Japan a few months ago. And it’s NOT the Matrix.
    There is still a regular wagon of the Corolla sedan. It’s just not sold over here.
    The Matrix is something else.
    It’s like saying the Element is a Civic wagon…

  3. Slightly different styling and a different name. That’s it.

    Same: platform, chassis, (base) engine, steering, transmission, seats, instrumentation, switches, electronics, safety systems, …

    Plus, I believe both Corollas, Matrixes (Matrices?) and Vibes come off the same assembly line in CA.

  4. I’m sure it’ll be a nice little car, but if Hyundai could’ve made it look as sharp as a Mazda3 they might really have something.

  5. Wow! Hot! I’m a 27yo single male, and I’m sitting here absolutely drooling over this thing… look out Dodge Magnum!

    Yeah… right. Thanks, Hyundai, for yet another car the world could easily have lived without.

  6. For what I said. The Corolla and Matrix was made in Canada. And the Vibe in U.S. And yes the Japan Corolla have a wagon version, and the Blade was a kind of Matrix, but ”my god”, with a lot more ”H.P.”.

  7. The more wagons in the U.S. the better. The auto manufacturers shove SUV’s down our throats while a wagon would do just fine and be a better choice for many of us. I am currently looking for wagon or hatchback that gets decent fuel economy. Unfortunately I am 6’3″ and I don’t fit very well into some of the better options (Mazda3, Matrix/Vibe). The Honda Fit I actually fit into, but is a little too underpowered and too small.

    I am quite excited about the Hyundai Elantra wagon. I really hope its a wagon and not a hatchback that they bring to the U.S. I actually fit in the Elantra sedan, and like it enough that I’d consider a wagon form of it.

    @27yo single male above
    I’ve rented the Dodge Magnum and an Elantra wagon would be much better. The Magnum was pretty disappointing in my opinion, the visibility in it just sucks and it doesn’t have any redeeming qualities to make up for that.

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