Infiniti EX 35

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Looking pretty almost exactly like the one they displayed last year.

-3.5 Liter V6 with 290hp
-European sales start in the fall 2008
-5 Speed Auto

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  1. Woo Hoo! First Post.

    Looks good. My bet is that the 2008(9)Murano is going to look VERY similar to this.

    Vince, have you heard anything on it?

  2. Whoopee, another niche vehicle. The EX 35 is basically an SUV that looks like an oversized 5 door G35 with limited cargo capacity. Whatever works for Nissan, helps increase sales and make money.

  3. Not attractive at all. It looks “bulbous” on the corners and the interior looks to be full of plastic.

  4. I love it how people are quick to judge a vehicle from a picture. This is in response to the guy that mentioned that the interior looks like plastic.

    How the hell do you know?

    First of all the interior has hand stitched leather on top of the instrument panel, real wood trip and premium leather.

    Make sure you check out the product in person, before making lame ass statements from a pic of any car.

    This thing looks excellent, none of it’s competitors RDX, RX, X3 look this good. It will be a huge success for Infiniti.

  5. Americans won’t drive station wagons, but they’ll drive these things. What’s the difference? Perception?

    Anyway, it’s nice. Yawn.

  6. I think it looks really nice but the fact that it’s smaller than the FX, which isn’t that big on interior room to begin with, is a downer for me. The interior space will probably be somewhere in between the G37 and the G35 Sedan.

  7. nice but lacks the details the concept had which made it special, i am referring to the real leather dashboard with stitchings in the middle, the full leather wrapped shifter, the lighted headrest…

    yeah yeah, manufacturer always loose these concepts when production comes but what’s left now is just another nice little SUV…

  8. I like it a lot better that Acura’s overpriced RDX. It looks alot better and comes with a V6 like the Acura should for its price. I say Infiniti will not have a problem selling these.

  9. I don’t want or need a mommy-wagon, but this is much nicer than the RDX. The EX 35 is a very handsome grocery cart with a luxurious looking interior. Maybe one of the nicest of this segment.

    (I know, I know. If someone can’t complain that the interior looks plastic, then surely I can’t think it looks nice in the pictures.)

  10. I was hoping it would have the more aggressive style of its siblings…. the back of this reminds me of the outgoing Subaru B9 Tribeca…. nothing to be proud of!

  11. This is the answer to those preferring the G35 with more cargo space. I bet you it will be a hit.

  12. The all new Murano will be introduced at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show (I think in November).
    It will stay about the same size, will still seat 5 and the design will pretty much follow the current one. Which still looks great by the way.

    So it will be all new, but the look will have the same feel.

    Great news.

  13. Vince, I am confused…
    if this new EX is based on the New G35, and the FX IS based on the last Gen G35, then aren’t they really the same vehicle (FX-old, EX-new)?
    Or is the NEXT FX going to be based off another platform?!?

  14. Infinity seems to be rehashing a prior success. The prior 35/45 looked like a pumpkin and if you don’t think so, look at the pictures of it in orange paint. This honours that tradition. Look at the lines on the body – it is trying to copy the afformentioned SUVs. Nothing new coming out of Infinity. Too bad – nothing seems to be new nowadays.

  15. I like it, but, it’s nothing that Hyundai won’t be doing next year or the year after. It seems like Infiniti’s designs are always out dated very quickly (Google: G20, M30, J30). I’m no fan of Lexus, but something about their designs seems to last. A LS400 from the early nineties and the first generation RX still look really good even after all these years. Acura’s are also a good example of well designed cars. Even the very first Acure Legend looks nice (17 years later). Infiniti’s from that era look quite unfortunate.

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