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That is one tiny sunroof for a 21st century car….

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  1. Very disappointing design. Is there even a point for this car to exist when the competition is so much better?

  2. The center console is gorgeous with great looking wood and a dial instead of traditional shifter is a slick detail. I saw some pictures on another site that showed the shift knob recessed when not needed.

  3. 21st cenetury, does jag know what year it is ? with 6 year old monte carlo headlamps and buttons on the dash that look like they came out of a 1981 town car !

  4. I swear they must have had tons of interior door handles left over from the previous gen. Taurus, cuz they look exactly the same…

  5. i’ll reserve judgment until i see one in person, but ive got to say, from the pictures, im disappointed they didnt push the design envelope a little further….i thought they’d learned from the sale disaster the current conservatively styled XJ turned out to be. I guess not. Maybe it is best Ford sell Jag to someone willing to up the ante on style and luxury.

  6. The rear end of the car looks so good and the front is horrible. Like it was designed by 2 different design teams. You know I had a sunroof in my Lexus that I used maybe about 5 times over the 3 years I had it, and I live in Florida. I think people just want the open feeling provided by having a glass roof, more than the open air.

  7. very, very, very disappointing headlights and grill 🙁 Especially the fugly headlights–look like Korean cars…

    They should’ve just kept the headlights and grill design from the concept!

    What’s wrong with Jaguar???

  8. I agree with the general feeling: Sadly, badly botched headlights. Still, I think this goes in the right direction and it will reinvigorate the brand. Let’s see if they can do the same, and better, with the next top of the range model.

  9. Not enough to turn around Jaquar. Front end sucks, the rest is familar. Does not scream “got to have”. Lame duck.

  10. Once again, this car was designed for people who would not be posting on this website. Open your minds.

  11. to the above comment…

    I totally agree, it’s amazing how the internet brings the experts out!
    A oity we don’t live in a perfect world…
    I like this Jag…and it will be far more simplistic to operate than the germans yet matches them for spec and ability.

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