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I like it. But…

What is so wrong with hatchbacks?
When you design a “fastback” coupe with a tiny trunk opening, why not make it a real hatchback? it would look the same.
Here you have the look of a hatchback without the convenience of one.

And why not a glass roof? The roof area looks pretty small with that huge rear window. Why not make it glass like on some BMW models. Or even much cheaper European cars like most Peugeots, Renaults.
Even the Fiat 500 has a much larger sunroof…

Still, all these won’t matter. Honda will sell tons of them. It will still be a very good car with outstanding reliability.
It will be what most American car buyers want.

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  1. Agreed Vince!

    I don’t think Americans don’t like hatchbacks. They just don’t like ugly ones. Why this is not a hatchback is beyond me. It will still sell a ton.

  2. No hatchback but it does look as though it will have a huge opening to the back seat area. They are fold-down rear seats, right? I don’t think Honda screwed that up.

  3. Some think Honda can do no wrong? That’s silly thinking! And when did Honda get to tell the American people what they want to buy? Are the people who blindly buy Honda that much like sheep? Guess so!

    I think that the Mazda6 will definitely be better than what Honda or Toyota are selling. And it is offered in a HATCHBACK!
    The really funny part about the Mazda6 is that it’s really a FORD product! How funny, who would’ve thought that Ford would’ve been more stylish than Honda. And Saturn is making great decisions as well. And before someone calls me pro-domestic or biased. I drive a Japanese made car!

  4. The hard part to building that car as a hatchback is that when you have an opening that large you’ll need to be adding pounds and pounds of stiffening structure otherwise not needed.

  5. 100% right about the structure of the car. I forgot.

    Let’s not forget the Fusion was rated (I think) one of the most reliable car by JD Powers. Amazing for a 1st year US car.
    A breat result for any car.
    I really liked it in my test drive (see archives).
    The interior could be better. But it’s not bad.
    They should advertize this car much more.

  6. Ok, first of all it’d be nice if you didn’t judge a car so much BEFORE it comes out. You complained that it doesn’t have a glass roof yet you’re basing this off of spy pictures of ONE CAR. There are other trim levels that will be produced.

  7. Not bad looking (if a little derivative). As for the hatch, well adding hinges and sealing there would seriously affect the already compromised rear headroom. Also, as Rick said, a hatch (and glass roof) would both adversely affect the weight and rigidity and result in less sporty handling.

  8. The car has a regular small sunroof.
    You can be 100% it won’t offer a glass roof option as well.

  9. It may be a Honda but they won’t sell many. 2 door coup hatchbacks aren’t popular family vehicles. Not to mention young kids aren’t interested in their dads Accord. And as with all Hondas it will be way over priced.

  10. yeah,

    hondas are ‘overpriced’ because they have higher risidual values and hence resale values, so guys who do nothing but wholesale cars don’t think they are overpriced when the buy or sell them

    also, honda typcially is near the top in transaction pricing and near the bottom in incentives so it appears that there a lot of people will to pay for ‘overpriced’ hondas

  11. I don’t care for mid-sized coupes that are as hard to park as their sedan counterparts. Also, coupes are low and harder to enter and exit, and their back seats are worthless. Too much sacrifice just for style, I think.

    But to the extent that younger people want the coupe style, the new Accord is vastly better looking than the current Accord coupe IMO, and Honda will sell HUGE numbers of them. The new Altima coupe isn’t nearly as sporty nor classy, either.

    The comment above that Accords are overpriced is ridiculous. Economy is in selection, not price, and the Accord is one of the best cars you can get for the money.

    I thought Accords might be overpriced when I was car shopping 4 years ago. But one test drive in the Accord was all it took to change that opinion–it was the car I eventually bought because it was clearly superior to its competition.

  12. I like it, but I would rather drive a Mini Copper S.
    I both cars are from different corners of the automotive spectrum, but if I’m going to get behind the wheel of a FWD car, I would want something that reflect free spirt driving and you get that in the 2007 Mini S. Yes, the Accord has a bigger trunk and more leg room, but it is still a Honda.

  13. The new Accord is not getting any better looking, no matter how many pictures are posted. The new Mazda 6 so far looks to be far more attractive to Honda’s attempt.

  14. well, let’s see.
    Scion = all hatchbacks= sales success(last few months have been somewhat rough, for some reason).

    tC sold just a few hundred units shy of 80,000 last year, while the sedan/5 door hatch Mazda3 sold 93,000+ units, so not a major difference, but one was a 3 door hatch(Only) and the other 2 models…of same car…. and were thisclose in sales in 2006.

    Now… that this part of my rant is over, I agree… where’s the hatch(on this, or the Civic?).
    Also, this car will be out of my price point, and MPG,with gas 2.69-2.99, No .
    Not unless they can drop in a large 4, 34MPG hwy,like our tC gets with automatic/2.4 L/160HP.

    I like Honda, but NOT their prices( a loaded-up Civic, with sunroof, cruise… over 19K msrp, and rarely, if ever, on sale, again… No Thanks).

    Wasn’t Honda, at one time, the build of high MPG, high quality, BUT Cheaper(than most makers) cars, 20-30 years ago? What happened?
    If I were spending money on a 2 door coupe; Altima comes to mind first.
    Probably be less costly, and on par of “fun”, MPG, etc.
    More for Less $$$?

  15. Actually, go to Nissan’s website and build your own Altima coupe. They are not cheap either, only the base price with nothing on it is cheap. And the Nissan has a lower resale value than Honda.

  16. Honda hasn’t built an Accord 2-door hatchback since 1987.. fat chance they’d start again now!

    Scion’s recent sales slump may have had something to do with the fact that 2/3 of the lineup was still labeled as 2006 models and the new versions are just now reaching dealerships… it has nothing to do with the fact that they are hatchbacks!

    I can’t agree that this Accord is better or classier looking than the Altima coupe – funny how much more modern and attractive the 2-year-old Civic looks sitting next to it!

  17. Considering the number of recalls of the current Accord, “outstanding reliability” isn’t exactly a given with the new Accord. On the other hand, ugly is.

  18. Yes, Honda’s are overpriced and like all Honda’s and Toyoda’s the design will look old after the first month because so many people will buy them as if there’s nothing else on the road. People do sometimes act like sheep.

  19. For all the of the folks that must label Honda/Toyo buyers as sheep, consider what you are saying. Sheep go in the same direction, or herd, for safety. If I am being financially prudent by buying a “safe” and yes, boring car, that I intend on holding onto for 10+ years, then I am gladly part of the herd. I will let you take the risks with such a major purchase.

  20. I am a Honda fan and I am sure this is another hit from Honda. However, I can also say that it does not look very attractive, in pictures that is. On the other hand, They cannot and should not make it as sexy as the future Acura TL.

  21. weird, when I first saw the picture, i thought it was a pretty good looking coupe, but now it looks pretty plain to me already

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