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  1. Anyone needs 260hp and sport suspension in such a practical grocery getter? But cars that don’t make sense usually sell, like Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport, don’t they?

  2. I drove a regular HHR. Nice, useful vehicle. I hate the stupid bar across the grill. I’d prefer the old one. Otherwise this should be a pretty cool vehicle.


  3. I agree, the classic “old chevy” grille is one of the only signature design elements of this car that actually works. Everything else seems…somewhat…off. Wasn’t the HHR supposedly designed by the same guy who did the PT Cruiser? I’ve owned two PTs since 2000, and this definitely seems more “clinicked” – affected by market research – than other concept-to-production models like the almost-cool SSR. Oh, by the way. And you knew this was coming – pronounce the name of the car. My PTs got called this all the time by the naysayers, and I think this looks even more like one.

    HHR SS.


  4. I really like it. I always thought the HHR was cool, and in my opinion better looking than the PT Cruiser. This one is gonna be a rocket also. I hope it does well. I saw a regular HHR LT the other day with a bluish-green paint that looked awesome on that car and very fitting with the retro theme. I’d like to see that paint on other cars also. Very nice!

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