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That’s right, “new”….

I thought it was going to look like a 4 door version of the A5.
But, from this picture at least, it just looks like the current car. Sure there are some different lines here and there.
But really, why even bother redesigning a car to come up with this….

The 1st generation A4 design was the best. And I think it still looks much better than the current model. Or this one.

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  1. Why bother messing up what is already one of the most attractive sedans on the road? There’s more to “all-new” than just a all-new look. This A4 redesign is all that was necessary. Perhaps the genius Japanese car companies (are you listening Honda?) can learn a few things about automotive design from Audi.

  2. I hate to say it, but I agree. It will certainly pay to wait and see it in person, but this picture is disappointingly similar to the current car (my least favourite A4). *snore*

  3. I think it doesn’t look bad at all and does actually look quite similar to the new A5. Maybe that’s because I’m kind of partial to Audi’s design theme…

  4. “But really, why even bother redesigning a car to come up with this…”

    Excatly. That is if we’re talking about the new Honda Accord.

  5. i think it is a conservative design but burlapp has not driven the thing or seen it in person….i’ll wait to see it in person, drive it in person and maybe even buy one in person 🙂 before I pass judgment. The A4 sells well and will continue to sell well. I think the design is a great improvement over the current gen A4.

  6. you know, for some reason the audi a4 always makes its way to look like the a6 (look at the interior of the 2009 a4 and 2007 a6.the exterior too.

  7. same old , same old, same old, what ever happened to the avante garde attitude/thinking that brought out the first good looking audis 20 years ago? ? ? we need fresh ideas, not copies of old stuff, get with it Audi, or you WILL get your ass kicked!

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