New Holden Commodore wagon

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Does that mean a Pontiac G8 wagon is on the way?

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  1. I bet ole bobby lutz is watching the major sales decline of the dodge magnum very closely, soo id have to say no to this comming to the states.

  2. Looks good!!

    That could prove interesting.

    It most likely won’t make it to the states.

    I would be a little concerned about the rear fender lips in snow/salt zones. That looks a bit vulnerable to abrasion.

  3. Now that is one fine looking wagon! It is about time that there is a resurgence of wagons. If GM would sell this one here in the states I would seriously consider it. It is very nicely styled. BTW, I have noticed in Europe that wagons are extremely popular, don’t know why they have a bad rap here in the US.

  4. Hats off. That is one of the best looking wagons I have ever seen. They sell the sedan rebadged as a Vauxhall in the UK, and I bet the Brits would love to get this as well. I wish the rest of us Europeans would get it too, but I’m sure we won’t. All we can do is hope that the next Opel Vectra (your Saturn Aura) wagon will take the right styling cues from this

  5. Even after 30 years after the eras of roadmasters and LTDs, americans seem to have this retarded abhorrence of stationwagons. The Magnum could have done allot better in Chrysler 300 form as it is in europe, but it was pretty much doomed to have dead sales after all the stationwagon lovers snatched up theres.

    Perhaps if GMC sawed off the back so it looks like one of Subarus hideous 5 door hatchbacks it would sell.

    All in all a sexy Holden though, I’m sure Australians will have no problems with in its current form(as will likely britons in vauxhall form).

  6. Could easily be imported along with the G8. Even if the volume is very low. All the tooling is already paid for with the G8. Just slap the G8 front end, a few badges and any interior diffs and your done. Very probable that it will come.

  7. It does look good. However I doubt it will make it way here as a Pontiac. Americans are not into wagon but crossovers unless the wagons are from luxury marks like mercedes, audi or bmw which pontiac is definitely not.

    too bad for us …

  8. I don’t think this wagon would fit in with Pontiac’s “excitement” image. Maybe GM could bring it in as a Chevy?

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