New Toyota land Cruiser

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Yes. New.

It doesn’t look like it, but it is new.
I am sure it is improved an every way. But the style will throw you back into 1983.

I guess it’s fine for enough people so Toyota can make some money on these.

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  1. I’m just not loving Toyota’s styling direction. The Camry is okay, but most everything else in the lineup is strange. Really good products that just look funny.

    How much influence does their California Calty studio have on these weird designs? Too much?

  2. wtf nobody in the business still has “block” radios except Ford. That makes the interior look horrible.

  3. I concur. The “block” audio setup screams ‘Civic’…and this is a $50,000 car. The only people who will let this slip are the folks who are loyal to the brand and nothing else. If Toyota were REALLY smart, they would try to compete with the Range Rover at this price point. The quality is there. The off-road ability is there…I don’t know what planet Lexus is on, stylistically and otherwise; since this is the Lexus’ downmarket cousin, the more conservative, Range Rover-esque styling would definitely work to this vehicle’s advantage. Being ‘downmarket’ (at whatever price point) is about imitation and emulation. Kia and Hyundai prove that every day; heck, even Toyota made a mint off of Lexus in 1989 by copying the MB S-Class, but in a unique and better way. This Land Cruiser is only unique in its surprising demonstration of how to make a car look like it was designed by 37 different people…who didn’t talk to each other at all.

  4. for those of you thinking $50K is a lot of money for a Toyota Landcruiser, think again… this car easily sell north of $150K outside the US. Especially 3rd world countries.

    Why? I think because in those countries, a Range Rover or a GL would cost around $200-300K.

    Oh.. and because it’s way more reliable than the other Large Lux SUVs.

    If you have to ask, why those people buy large SUV while they have cramped & narrow roads – then the main reason is safety.

    I had similar experience where a big, strong & reliable SUV saved my life from nature and the Mob. My friends and family all had similar experiences.

    Trust me, an old 90s Landcruiser would easily break open an iron gate and easily dispersed a bunch angry mob carrying sticks & swords.

    Can’t imagine having a Land Rover that wouldn’t start during those kind of situation!!

  5. great, another blouted, overpriced, Toyota for toy fans to cream over. I guess lame is in at Toy land.

  6. I dont care what people think. this truck deserves respect. if you guys dont know about the advanced thinking of the japanese, thats your problem. truth is, people who are gonna drive cruiser dont care about exterior its the mechanism that counts. this truck can last you way longer than competition. it has a lot of respect in the middle east. my dad told me about it. and now i finally got to see it.

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