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Well, looks like I spoke bit too fast.

This is supposed to be a picture of the actual production model. And it does look a lot like the concept.

That would be great. The next Fiesta is also supposed to be offered in the US.

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  1. Only difference between the two is color (maybe-that’s too poor of a quality to even tell for sure) and taillights. Wheels, etc. are the same.
    Either way, it looks nice-but more like a Mazda than a Ford (I hope Ford doesn’t steal Mazda’s styling thunder).

  2. “Vince, it is just the concept and it DOES match with the spy shots.

    Back lights are different – its not the concept….check again.

  3. There’s no way. NOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!! That it’ll look, in any way shape or form, anywhere near that good! By the time we in the USA get it it’ll have tacky chrome bars on the grill and have a platform based on the old Ford Tempo.


  4. How about Ford raising the ride height just a little and market it as a “2 dr CUV”. It a niche no one has yet, or as a Mazda CX-1……

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